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My Favourite Concealers – February 2016


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In my attempt to use less foundation because it’s getting quite expensive, I’ve been using concealers both under and over a thin base. I’ve found that I use much less product all around both foundation and concealer and I look far less cakey than just using two layers of foundation alone. I just thought I’d share my favourites and have a little chit chat about them. Also, showing you some great concealers for tan-deep skin.

House of GlamDolls GlamBase Wheel 2 £25.00

glambase wheel 2 house of glamdolls.jpg

Created by David Horne, The Glambase Wheel 2 is a mixing revolution for complexion enhancement.  The wheel contains 6 shades that have been blended for easy complexion perfection every time. The wheel contains 6 perfectly calibrated shades for tan to ebony tones.

bloglineThe Glam Base Wheel is something I couldn’t live without now I’ve used it for so long. Admittedly the darker colours don’t get as much use but that’s more because you need much less product to get the desired effect. If you can’t be bothered with colour correcting then just dab a bit of the right shade over whatever you want to cover and use your fingers to blend out. Then apply foundation or bb cream as usual and you’ll look completely flawless. So flawless that I actually have to be careful sometimes as you can get that mask like effect very quickly. Especially if you use it under your eyes too. My favourite way to use this as stated is in place of colour correction. No Orange is needed at all and you get all the coverage you need. 

Freedom Pro Conceal Palette Dark |£5.00
freedom pro conceal dark.jpg
Pro Conceal Palette the “Makeup Artist’s Secret Weapon” in a kit format for ease of professional use. Containing 6 cream concealing shades. Collections to suit every skin tone.

bloglineThe Freedom Pro Conceal palette is a dupe for the Mac …. but a much more affordable price. These are great for mixing into foundation or spot concealing. I use the ochre colour under the eyes mixed with a lighter foundation to brighten around the inner corners where I get darkness and shadow. I use the first brown to correct foundations that are too pale and also to warm up my face. I use a small but fluffy brush and the deepest brown in circular motions to buff it around the perimeter of my face kind of like a cream bronzer. The tone is perfectly rich for that purpose. You can build these up but be careful as they can cake when piled up too much. If you powder with a setting powder that doesn’t add any pigment or coverage you can get a very nice demi-matte finish that looks very natural.

Milani Secret Cover Concealer Cream – Honey – £3.95
When you really need to conceal rather than reveal, opt for this full-coverage camouflage cream. An ace at hiding stubborn imperfections like dark circles, age spots and scars, it’s waterproof, budge-proof and built to last. Think of it as peace of mind in a tiny, pocket-friendly jar.

bloglineThis is a relatively new concealer to my collection but the shade Honey is a very natural highlighter. I’d say this is one shade lighter than me but with the tiniest amount of red and works well if you don’t want any drama or Kim K banana but just a little brightness in the centre of the face. I find that the consistency is very similar to the Glam Base Wheel and is quite thick. I like using these kinds of concealers with my fingers by warming it up on my finger tips and blending into the face that way. Again, you get a much more natural finish. I also think that for the price you get a really great amount of product and I can’t see myself running out for a very long time. 

Makeup Revolution Matte Effect Concealer – £1.00
makeuprevolution matte effect concealer.jpg
Matte and very creamy, packing all the coverage you need to depend on An all round concealer providing a matte finish covering all imperfections. For just £1.00, a product which should be part of your daily makeup routine for quick and easy coverups.

bloglineThis was a mistake purchase a while back and I thought this would be much darker than it was when it arrived. Having said that, this is a great one for a more dramatic highlight as it has very golden undertones. I like to use this after foundation on the top lip, top of the cheekbones and also down the centre of the nose. The consistency is quite dry which is quite nice because you keep the intensity of the colour. I do wish Makeup Revolution carried this in darker shades but oh well, I can’t have everything and this actually works nicely for the purposes assigned. It’s also good that you can pick this up in store in Superdrug.

L.A Girl Pro Conceal – Fawn | £2.98
bloglinela girl pro conceal fawn.jpg
Crease-resistant, opaque coverage in a creamy yet lightweight texture. The long-wearing formula camouflages darkness under the eyes, redness and skin imperfections. Provides complete, natural-looking coverage, evens skin tone, covers dark circles and minimizes fine lines around the eyes.

bloglineThis was one of those must haves from all of the beauty YouTuber’s and I was glad to have it once it arrived. I enjoy this shade for highlighting and reverse contouring. The shade isn’t too yellow, it’s quite neutral and more honey toned than anything. The concealer dries nicely but I do suggest a light powdering over any concealer just in case.

Kiko Skin Evolution Concealers – 06 Honey & 07 Sienna | £5.50
bloglinekiko skin evolution concealer.jpg
High coverage concealer stick with a mat finish. A creamy and comfortable texture, easy to apply and to blend for even coverage that perfectly camouflages every flaw. Thanks to the moisturising and antioxidant mixture, Skin Evolution Concealer leaves the skin soft, without drying it out or streaking. Light and comfortable on the skin, this concealer provides a high coverage and long-lasting effect as well as a water, heat and humidity-resistant result.

bloglineThis is the best concealer I’ve used for concealing around the mouth where I get the darkest. The formula is very thick and dry so there’s no slipping and sliding about your face and the colour covers just about everything. I don’t recommend this under the eyes though because of the dryness. It will just accentuate any lines there.


There are thousands of concealers out there but these are my favourites for a whole host of face perfecting purposes. What are yours? Have you tried any of my favourites?

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