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Makeup Revolution Monday – Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palette Eyes Like Angels Review w/Swatches | £8.00



*Apologies for any blurry pics (I didn’t have my specs on haha)

Ultra 32 eyeshadow palettes are the perfect professional eyeshadow go to
palette. All you need in one handy collection. 32 shades in one palette 
with a great mix of shimmer and matte wearable and experimental shades 
to create any look and play with, for amazing performance and value! 
Our ultra eyeshadows are packed full of pigment and all new shades plus 
a large full size mirror. This is the ultra collection of 32 brights and 
smoked shades to experiment and play with!

bloglineThis weeks palette is the Eyes Like Angels 32 shade ultra professional palette. It has an array of colours, pinks, purples, golds, blues and my favourites, greens. Now the majority of colours are shimmery/ metallic finishes but there are one or two mattes. After using this solidly for a week I have to say that that’s definitely a problem. Unlike the other 32 shade palettes that have at least one matte colour to use as transition and one matte for highlighting, this palette lacks that. It’s all colour. Fine if you’re a professional or some own who has a lot of palettes or shadows nearby but not if you take this as your one and only palette which I did this week. In the end I had a purple or pink crease most days. Not ideal every day of the week. 

Having said that, the fact that this palette is all colour all the time is a welcome addition to the multitude of nude or nude variation palettes out there. You really do get a mix and variety of bright and fun colours. At first glance the palette looks like an unorganised mish mash but when you get into it the colours are so completely complimentary. If I were a bit more artistic and hadn’t been testing this while at uni, I’m sure I could have come up with some really fab colourful looks. Right now I’m enjoying this for more one shadow looks because I didn’t want to detract too much from each shadow. Some of the most pigmented shadows (Molten Chocolate) do crumble though but with a wet brush you can smoosh them back together and get there desired effect for application. 

makeup revolution eyes like angels .jpg

makeup revolution eyes like angels 1.jpg

I have to give a quick mention to the packaging. I’m starting to collect shiny 32 shadow boxes the same way I collect Makeup Revolution Chocolate Bar Palettes. This one is shiny silver and looks super pretty. It looks great stacked up with my bronze, teal, cranberry and gunmetal 32 palette boxes. The palette itself is bog standard black with rose gold lettering which is lovely. Can’t complain. It’s functional and the mirror you get it huge and really flattering. You don’t get any warping like you do with other affordable palettes.

makeup revolution eyes like angels 3.jpg

Black Stars | Green Dream | Peach Cream | Orchid | Sophisticated Pink | Dream | Pink Glow | Peacock Dream Silver Star | Emerald Night | Lilac Shimmer | Purpled! | Cream | Pink! | Lilac Frost | Award Pearl Necklace | Night Stars | Blue Sheen | Pink Frosted | Moss | Molten Chocolate | Choc! | Green Stars Green Envy | Copper Dream | Bold Purple | White Light | Orange | Aqua Dream | Truffle | Silver Dream


*Swatched in columns


There are some serious standout shades in this palette Sophisticated Pink, Blue Sheen, Aqua Dream & Green Stars. These are the KPOW type colours. Sophisticated pink is a glorious cranberry, blue Sheen in real life is the most pigmented periwinkle you’ve ever seen in your life, Aqua Dream…. come on, look at it! It’s the brightest metallic blue of life and Green Stars is a green/gold mix that is so pretty it breaks my heart. Also, I have to talk about Peach Cream. It isn’t matte as I’d have preferred but the subtlety of the colour works really well as a fresh under brow highlight.

The first look I did with this was way back in the summer, I used Emerald Night & Moss


Truffle & Lilac Shimmer


So overall this isn’t one for everyday but is definitely the first palette I’ll be drawn to for events that require a lot of colour. The colours are some of the most pigmented that MUR carry and the quality is unreal. If you’re one for colour, I recommend picking this up. i have seen this one in Superdrug stores so if you have a stand you should be able to go and swatch for yourself.

Thanks for reading! x


What did you think of this week’s palette review? Comment below and get your Eyes Like Angels palette here for £8.00!


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