B E A U T Y | S T R O B E*

Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe Cream Review | £8.00



Do you want Radiant looking skin? The Makeup Revolution Strobe Cream can either be applied under the foundation to give yourself a glow or on top of foundation to highlight. A creamy formula that soaks into your skin quickly if applied before foundation or easily blendable for those highlighted areas. Give yourself a beautiful golden glow to your skin and a more radiant appearance.

bloglinemakeuprevolutionultrastrobecream4.jpgAs part of the new strobing range from Makeup Revolution they have released a brand new strobe cream! It comes in a sleek, flat black tube with a rose gold holographic label. It does the job with packaging and I like that it’s a squeezy tube.

The cream has a smooth consistency that isn’t too thick. It smells very pleasant, almost fruity but not quite. I’ve never used this kind of product before now so can’t make a comparison to others or know what a strobe cream is even supposed to look like. First thoughts, this is nice and I’m very intrigued.




Now that’s I’ve had two weeks to use it I’ll keep this post short and say that my favourite way to apply is as a cream highlight after applying my base. If you tap it over the areas you want to highlight you get a lot of control, an even application and precise glow where you want it. And you can actually use a fair bit without getting huge gold patches everywhere.

You can also use the strobe cream under your foundation which I have done a couple of times. I think it’s best for nights out since it photographs really well in dark lighting. I have used it during the day and think it looks pretty but a bit “much” for daytime even thought the glow is subtle. I think even with brown skin the glow is very noticeable in daylight. Think Edward revealing himself to Bella in the woods when the sun its him.

My only gripe is that because the cream is a white base, if you don’t spread it out quickly enough you will get dry white streaks that create texture that you can’t cover with foundation. This would definitely be easier to cover if you have light skin but when you’re brown and your foundation is brown, and everything on your face is brown, white streaks are no bueno!

Here’s a still from a boomerang video I did on Instagram (LaurenLondon94) showing the glow in the light. You can just see hints of gold on the high points and peaking through the foundation. This was one of the days I used the cream under and over base. I even used it in the centre of an ombre lip.


Having said that, I have been using this daily as I said,  as a cream highlight. I think there’s just enough gold glow for this to really be something special when used subtly and sparingly. It’s just a bit more than candlelit but not quite etherial. Either way, it’s gorgeous.

Thank you Makeup Revolution!


Get your Strobe Cream (£8.00) and Strobe Balms (£5.00) here!




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