M A K E U P R E V M O N D A Y | N E W T R A L S*

Makeup Revolution Monday – Newtrals v Neutrals Review w/Swatches | £6.99


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New-Trals are the new NEUTRALS. Upgrade your new natural eye looks with the new generation of natural shades.

bloglineMy blog is going absolutely Makeup Revolution mad again which alway seems to happen around this time of the year! There are so many new products and new launches and new everything that my three post per week schedule can’t cope! My MUR posts wont stop, I have so much to get written up after the party last week, I’m just taking a break from palette madness and will resume in three/four weeks.  Makeup Revolution Monday has been getting very good responses and I’ve enjoyed trying something new each week. It’s helped me to rediscover some previous purchases. So for the final week of this “season”, I have an old launch that’s quite new to my collection. Newtrals v Neutrals, a pro palette full of mattes and shimmers in pinks, oranges and reds.

You can’t find a good red or orange anywhere on the highstreet or in the drugstore, can you? But having said that, you never really want to purchase them anyway, do you? What would you do with red and orange? I was so sceptical about what I’d actually use reds for but when the palette arrived my fears subsided. The more dominant colours really are neutral despite being uber pigmented. You can create all manner of warm daytime looks with this palette. And way I say pigmented, I mean pigmented. The matte formula really is something special. And, I know I’m not the only one that loves the smell of fresh powder products. It’s like that petrol smell. Gorgeous!

Bias | Neutral | Personal | Vogue | Trend | New-Tral | Tone | Custom Cool | Style | Partial | Mode | Adapt | Buff | Suit | Strong


newtrals makeup revolution swatch 1.jpg

newtrals makeup revolution swatch 2.jpg

All of the shades in this palette swatch nicely except Custom which is quite hard in the pan. Having said that, on they eyes, they all perform really well, the rich mattes especially. Neutral, Personal, Buff and Suit and the stand outs in terms of wearable colours for every skin tone but Trend and Tone are the pigment killers! I don’t know how Makeup Revolution got mattes to be so silky, not chalky, just smooth and thick and lush. I don’t really care how either, just keep doing it. The mattes in the Iconic Pro 2 palette upped their game from all of its palette predecessors and this has upped the matte game even more. I have Urban Decay and Morphe shadows that have only half the impact and I thought they were the best thing since sliced bread when I got them.

Considering Trend is the most dominant colour in the palette and the one that probabaly got everyone wanting to buy it, the formula had to be just perfect. And it is! It’s almost too perfect. One touch with the brush and you have the most gorgeous terracotta/orange for the crease. I’m yet to try it all over the lid but I can just imagine how velvetty soth it would look.

The bottom row is very “Naked 3” to me. Lots of pink and gold shimmers. Neutral, but rosy and perfect to boot. I don’t mind having repeats upon repeats of these types of colours because they’re very everyday but also glamorous at the same time. These are perfect colours for dinners and dates etc.

Speaking of events, I attended Makeup revolution’s 2nd Birthday Party (read about it here) and I chose to use the Newtrals palette since it was my palette of the week for Makeup Revolution Mondays. I used Personal on the lid, Trend through the crease and Custom lightly on the upper lash line. The colour of Personal is very peachy and has a beautiful sheen. I chose it so I’d look much more fresh and natural than if I had gone for straight up reds. Plus, i thought it would look quite nice with a simple pair of lashes and my white dress. It’s so hard to find a peach that doesn’t look ashy on dark skin too so I was happy when I found this. It also stayed shimmery all day (9am-3am) and didn’t fade at all even through four hours of dancing, four hours of trains, and general London power walking sweatiness! See my party look below ↓↓

Newtrals v Neutrals.jpg

Partial & Tone

Newtrals v Neutrals 2.jpg


I hope you’ve enjoyed this season of Makeup Revolution Mondays! For a recap of all this season’s posts click the links below, click the “Makeup Revolution Monday”tag or see this post here. I’d love to know what you thought of this review and the series in general. Let me know in the comments! Thank you xx
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6 thoughts on “M A K E U P R E V M O N D A Y | N E W T R A L S*

  1. niccliff187 says:

    Hi Lauren I loved this little series of yours and really sad it’s finished. I love make up revolution and have really enjoyed reading your reviews.


    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      Aww thank you! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it. Although, I may be back a bit sooner than I thought with season 2. I may or may not have made an order today and one last week 🙈🙈 I’m terrible. Such an MUR fan girl.


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