20 F A C T S A BO U T ME*

20 Facts About Me


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I’m tidying my blog up a little and redesigning the look a bit so I’m removing a lot of old posts. A few of them are “award” posts where you say a few facts about yourself and then nominate others to do the same. I appreciate all of the nominations from people and the lovely comments I received. I didn’t really want to redesign each since they don’t get much traffic anyway and I haven’t even finished writing more current posts so I’m just consolidating my facts here. I hope you enjoy getting to know me :).

blogline– I love broccoli. Really, really love broccoli.

– I could lick a piece of bacon, I just wouldn’t eat it afterwards.

– I tend to put a Beyonce track on as I come out of the tube station so I can strut through London! ‘I’m a grown woman!!’

– Usually I like serious films based on History or some sort of story with some depth. But, just last year I accidentally watched Twilight and loved it. Team Edward all day long!

– Peri-peri or paprika chips are my weakness.

– My favourite fictional author is Penny Vincenzi. She writes lengthy ‘historical fiction’ where you really do become best friends with the characters.

– Looking at certain textures makes my skin crawl.

– My favourite colours are lime green, grey and black.

– I have broken and/or dislocated every finger and both thumbs through sports.

– Even though it’s more or less brand new, I have to manually tune in the digital channels every time I switch on my TV. Hence, I rarely  watch TV.

– I have a crush on the chubby chaser from ITV’s gameshow The Chase. – You know the one I mean. I’m pretty sure his birth certificate doesn’t say ‘The Chubby Chaser’ but still, I likes him. (Mark Labbett)

– Apart from when I studied Lit at school, I don’t think I’ve ever read a classic in under six months.

– When I set my eye on an item I HAVE to have it…. hence my ongoing search for a new Original a5 Filofax in retro yellow. NEED. IT.

– If I don’t brush my teeth before bed I have a nightmare. It usually involves my teeth falling out in some way.

– I read for minimum two hours every day.

– I say this all the time but I really do dislike Christmas.

– Unless it’s as part of a sports kit or the the indoor slipper kind, I never wear socks.

– I love world film. That means yes, I love subtitles too.

– I’m a pescetarian because I dislike the texture of meat.

– I can’t see myself having fewer than six children.


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