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My Kiko Infinity Clics Collection 2016 Review w/Swatches



I went to Kiko yonks ago and added a few more colours to my Clics collection. My plan is to make a 24 pan neutral palette with my Clics. As much as I love colour, I’m not really a fan of some of the bright Infinity shadows, I think they’re a bit to gaudy but the neutrals are all gorgeous.

The shadows individually cost £5.90 but NEVER pay that much for them. They have sales every month so the price drops to £2.80. There are 48 Infinity shadows to choose from plus six Infinity Sparkle shadows so you’re not stuck for choice.



Each shadow comes packaged in it’s own pan with a plastic lid in case you want to take that shadow out of your palette and travel with it alone. You can however just pop the frosted lid off and the shadow clicks perfectly into place in the palette. New arsing around or manipulation needed. There’s also a dipped well in the palette to make it easier to pop them back out again without damaging your pretty eyeshadows. No one likes it when your finger nail carves out five months worth of product because it’s difficult to get it out of the palette.

SAM_5189.JPGI can’t remember exactly but if you buy a certain amount of shadows in store you get a free 24 pan palette. I think it was six or something low like that. So no great expense and you get somewhere to put them instead of having little pans everywhere because those little frosted lids pop off really easily.

The palette is a hefty thing though. It could have done with being half the width if it weren’t going to come with a mirror. It’s probabaly bordering on 2cm thick which is just outrageous. I no longer see them sold on the site so hopefully that’s a sign of them coming out with something slimmer and easier to store.The formula on all of the shadows is the same which is a big bonus especially for writing blog posts, I can describe one and that will describe them all haha.

kiko clic.jpgYou can press your finger into each pan and the shadow will move and feel like butter. It’s very satisfying but that action wont make your shadow crumble or break up. It literally just moves. Kind of how I’d imagine a Colour Pop shadow to move but a little more dry.

245 | 250 | 282 | 219 | 210 | 211 | 209 | 268 | 270 | 290

bloglinekiko clics swatch 1.jpg

kiko clics swatch 2.jpg

kiko clics swatch 3.jpg

As you can see, the two shades with glitter in them, keep the glitter, it wont fly off like a lot of shadows do. Even on the eye if you use a flat brush the glitter will stay put without a tacky base. With one it packs a punch. There’s no excess glitter fall out either.

There are no overly shimmery shadows in my small collection, they’re all more intense sheen. (If you want shimmer try the Infinity + Sparkle shadows) It’s a very subtle effect, no.219 especially. It’s a neutral shade that’s brown/nude with a sheen. It’s just perfect for everyday with a teeny tiny bit of brown liner.

I love how all of the shadows are rich without being too POW in your face. The pigment is definitely there and the payoff is gorgeous but the colours aren’t overly garish in the pans. They’re mature and sophisticated and that’s kind of the phase I’m in right now for makeup.

Kiko shadows are lovely for the price whether you’re paying full price or the sale price. You get really good quality colours that rival many of the expensive brands who give you subpar products under a top class name. With Kiko you get quality products and a quality name.


Have you tried any Kiko shadows? Get them here! Which would you recommend? Help me fill up my palette!

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