B E A U T Y | J O R D A N A*

Jordana Complete Cover 2-in-1 Concealer & Foundation – Golden Caramel | £4.95



The ultimate multitasker conceals dark spots, imperfections, dark circles and evens out skin tone for a flawless look
Flexible coverage – Full to maximum. Long wearing, water resistant & oil-free


A while ago I kept having suggestions on YouTube about the Jordana Complete cover foundation after I’d searched for “foundation for dark skin”. The reviews were all great but it wasn’t something I could find in the UK to purchase. Then I realised that Beauty Crowd stocked Jordana and were also having a 50% off sale so I bought a few things in my haul here, plus the Jordana foundation to try.


On first impressions the foundation was definitely too light for me but that’s nothing that I didn’t already know and nothing that can’t be fixed these days with a little tweaking here and there. The colour isn’t always what I buy a foundation for. It’s the formula and how it reacts on my skin. The colour of something could be perfect like the MAC Matchmaster, but it might be terrible on my skin and cause huge breakouts. If I were ordering Jordana again I’d go for Toffee. it looks too dark but seems to have the right yellow undertone. Funnily, Golden Toffee the shade deeper, seems more red than golden.

Other first impressions were the packaging for a hybrid foundation/concealer was nice. It’s a nice squeezy tube with a long thin nozzle so you can get a precise amount out. It’s much more hygeinic than a bottle or even a pump. Towards the end of pump foundations we all start scraping and contaminating and wiping the tube all over our faces to get the last bit. It’s funny how some people wont drink the last bit of a bottled drink because it’s probabaly all backwash and crumbs but we will use every last drop of foundation if it kills us!! That stuff is liquid gold baby!

But anyway, I digress.

The formula of the foundation is more akin to a cream than a liquid. It’s not overly liquidy and isn’t tacky at all even when you blend it onto your face. It’s just thick enough for the “maximum coverage” claim to hold true. It does cover most of my imperfections up and that’s saying something because I have some really black scars on my face and neck to cover up.

Through the day there are no real issues with this foundation. It isn’t perfect. You’ll still get a tad oily in the t-zone but other than that it’s a nice foundation. The coverage is its best feature. It’s a cover-all type formula bit without the cakey-ness. especially if you use a sponge.

Since the colour is so light I rarely use this purely as foundation. When I use it, it’s to lighten a dark foundation, as a reverse contour or to highlight as a concealer. As a concealer I like it on the face and under the eye but not up directly next to the lash line. It doesn’t have the staying power for that. It’s more of a brightening thing. It’s great for making your face look a bit fresher but not for drag style highlight and contour.

All-in-all this is a fab little multitasking base product which I would recommend if you’re on a budget. I can’t link you to the product because Beauty Crowd remove items from the site when they’re out of stock instead of just saying that they’re currently out of stock but if I see it listed again I’ll link the product here.


I hope you enjoyed reading this. Have a fab day! xx

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