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Makeup Revolution 2nd Birthday Goodie Bag blogline


A few weeks ago I attended the Makeup Revolution birthday party at Cafe de Paris in London (you can read about the fab night here). As we left we all handed in our little goodie bag coupons we had been drunkenly checking for throughout the night to make sure we hadn’t dropped it in amongst all of the boogieing. We were each handed a tote bag that said “I Helped Make the Revolution” printed on the side. That message was dotted all about the party and was a huge thank you to all of the bloggers and vloggers and press that helped Adam and the gang build the brand. It’s definitely something I’ll keep forever.

So, I didn’t open the goodie bag until the next day because a) I didn’t want to lose anything on the train and b) I was half asleep and I wanted to really appreciate what we were given.


So, inside the bag we got:

Freedom Black Arts Palette | £15.00

bloglinefreedom pro black arts.jpg

I have been eyeing this palette up for a long time but just couldn’t justify buying so many neutral shadows when I have them dotted around here there and everywhere in palettes and eyeshadow singles. Freedom were selling it for £7.50 at one point and I still never jumped on it. In a way I’m now really glad I didn’t because it was the most coveted thing in the goodie bag and everyone was excited to get it. It’s the most photographed thing on Instagram from the party! I have a full review coming but basically, it may just be nudes and neutrals but they’re amazing nudes and neutrals and well worth the £15.00 tag.

*It’s currently £10 on the Freedom site here.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals – Contour Foundation Brush | £9.99

bloglinemakeup revolution ultra metals .jpgWe were each given one of the Ultra Metals brushes. I’ve seen lots of Instagram pics with the powder brush so i think we all got brushes of equal value just in a different style. I’m glad my bag had this brush inside. I’ve heard terrible things about the Real Techniques Pointed Foundation brush which this is a dupe for. The RT one apparently has stiff, plastic feeling bristles that don’t blend foundation at all even though the shape is nice. As nice and elegant as the Bold Metals look, I’m not paying almost £30 for a cheap feeling brush.  Lots of bloggers/vloggers use theirs solely for baking to get an even application of powder which is what I’ve been using this for. It works very nicely, you don’t get a very harsh bake and this brush is super soft and very easy to wash with bristles that don’t stain or scratch your face. I’m very pleased with this.

Makeup Revolution Rose Gold – Red Carpet | £3.00

bloglinemakeup revolution rose gold red carpet.jpgI already had this lipstick as part of a PR sample so I knew that the red was the best of the bunch. I have seen some others getting the pink and the purple which didn’t really perform too well in my opinion but the red and the nude, Chauffer, are winners so I’m glad to have a back up of such a pretty lipstick. Makeup Revolution know how to do a red lipstick and do it properly. you can see a full review of all five colours here.

Freedom Pro Studio Strobe Cream | £8.00

bloglinefreedom pro studio strobe.jpg

When this released a few months back I wasn’t too fussed about it because I wasn’t quite on the strobing hype yet. When I got the gold Makeup Revolution version, I wanted the Freedom version even less because I was convinced that while not the same, they were very similar. Now I have both, I can say that that isn’t the case. The Freedom version is very subtle and pink toned. It looks absolutely beautiful under foundation and I’m more than happy to have it in my collection. I don’t get much of a “strobe” from it, it’s more just like a healthy/plum looking dew. Your skin just looks much more taught and not as dull as it would be otherwise.

Pro Hygiene Antibacterial Brush Cleaner | £5.00

bloglinemakeup revolution pro hygiene brush cleaner.jpgThis was a surprisingly well received product. Brush cleaners and soaps and sprays are things I always ignore. I just find that I have enough brushes to just wash whichever brush is dirty and wait for it to dry while I use something else. However…… Being able to spot clean now means that I wash my brushes less, they stain much less and just in general, I have less brush hassle during the week with a big brush wash every two weeks on a Sunday. I hate to say it but I will have to repurchase this when it runs out. I never knew it would be something I couldn’t do without!

B. Pure Sensitive Miscellar Cleansing Wipes | £1.00


b. wipes superdrug.jpg

These are tick and good quality with no annoying fibres coming off on your face. The only issue is that they’re just not very juicy. My mum loves them because of this and I’ve already been out and bought her two packets. I like to use them and add my own miscellar water or add facial oils and serums and create like a sheet mask to suck up moisture into my skin.

Superdrug Lashes – Volume Edition #21 | £4.19


superdrug volume edition lashes 21.jpgI’ve become a big fan of lashes recently and know all too well that the bigger the price tag doesn’t necessarily mean the better the lashes. So I didn’t turn my nose up when we each received a pair of Superdrug own brand lashes. If I can love Primark naturals for £1.00, I can certainly gives these full and fluttery lashes a go one evening.

Solait Express Tan – Medium/Dark | £7.99


solait tan mediumdark.jpg

This one is a little pointless for me, buuuuuuut I might actually give it a go. I’ve never tanned before, for obvious reasons but I do like to use bronzing body oils, especially on my legs in the summer. So why not tan too? I have quite yellow hued skin and in the summer it kinda just looks sickly; like I’ve been covered head to toe since birth because I lack rich tones like red and brown. Maybe adding it back with tan might make me look a bit healthier when I have my legs out. I have heard tan horror stories about staining white bed sheets though so we’ll see how that goes…. Wish me luck.

Dragonfruit & Vanilla Fruity Shower Gel | £0.99


dragonfruit and vanilla shower cream superdrug.jpgI mean, it’s a bit of a random inclusion but, we all need to wash so…. I’ll give it a go. It smells nice but I am conscious of using something like this because not only does my skin get dry with the wrong products, it cracks and is extremely painful. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll use it as a brush washing soap.

ColourOn Semi Permanent Hair Toner – Brunette Bombshell | £6.99

bloglineSAM_5962.JPGI’m not a brunette and I don’t really use hair products like this so I wont be using this but it is a nice addition to a goodie bag. Some people will love trying this I’m sure but it’s not for me.


Overall, I think as far as goodie bag’s go, this is a great one. For a budget beauty brand we were given budget beauty items including lots of best sellers, new products and other randoms bits and bobs from Superdrug which I really don’t mind. I’ve tried most of the products now and I’m loving most of them.


So, thank you again Makeup Revolution. See you next year!


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