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Full Face of Freedom Mini Reviews w/ Two Lip Optionsblogline

full face of freedom makeup london thumb.jpg

In my Makeup Revolution Birthday goodie bag we got a few Freedom products so I thought I’d do a full face with those and some of the other products I have in my makeup collection. I’m going to include mini reviews as well as two lip options. Enjoy!

** If you just want to see the finished look then look back at specific things in the post to see what I used then just skip to the bottom, I wont mind :).

Ordinarily I would start with the Freedom Pro Studio Moisture Cream as I’ve been doing most days for around six months. I didn’t want my base to be too emolient though because I was unsure how it would mix with the primer and the strobe cream so I skipped this step.

freedom pro studio strobe cream highlight ambient .jpg

freedom pro mattify freedom bronze baked.jpg

pro mattify | studio strobe creamblogline

I mixed the Pro Mattify with the Studio Strobe Cream and applied to my face and neck. The Pro Mattify has a bit of a silicon slip to it but makeup sits really nicely on top of it and it acts as a great barrier for anything else you put on. The Studio Strobe Cream was completely new to me when I did this look. I didn’t know how it would work out. Subsequent use on it’s own has been great though. The effect is a subtle pink sheen/glow. It’s unnoticeable but noticeable at the same time.

I don’t have a Freedom foundation. They do have a couple of dark shades but I can’t find them anywhere and the shade #12 looks a bit too dark so I’d have to mix it anyway. I used the Rimmel Match Perfection in Mocha instead.


freedom pro black arts.jpg

Freedom Pro Black Artsblogline

The best thing in our goodie bag was the Freedom Pro Artist Black Arts palette. It’s a palette with 48 gorgeous neutral shadows. Like… can we just? Ok. The quality here is fab. I have high end palettes and some of these (only some) are the same, if not better quality. others are just like…. ok, eyeshadow. They work well but compared to the (!!!) brothers and sisters, they’re suddenly not so interesting. But anyway. These shades come with no names so I used.. : fourth row, fourth column on the lid and then fifth row, fourth column in the crease. I wanted to keep it simple because I was going to do liner and lashes and inner corner pop and red lip. I could easily have blown it out even more but decided not to.

For the inner corner I used the Freedom Mono in Brights 221 mixed with the Ambient highlighter. I was originally going to go with matte yellow, but I always do matte yellow so I did something a bit more fun. I think my application was a bit janky so next time I’ll use a more appropriate brush instead of a flat shader. I was just being lazy.

I also put the dark sparkly blue in the bottom right hand corner on the lower lash line.

Finishing touches were Freedom Pro Lengthen mascaraMakeup Revolution Double Flick liner and La Beute Glam Lashes in a-30.

freedom pro strobe freedom pro melt.jpg


I’m gerrin’ a bit chubby in the face these days so I put on a teeny bit of contour from the Pro Strobe powder palette. I reversed it with a bit of the lighter brown in the large pan.

I decided against blush because a lot was already going on. I just added the deep bronzer (square pan at the bottom of the palette) from the Bronze Baked palette so there was a little something.

For highlight, my absolute bae, the Pro highlight in Ambient. This is a soft diffused powder that gives a hint of sheen, not shimmer at all. I think it complimented everything else really well and was the only “natural” part of this look.

DUO EYEBROW POWDER – EBONY | £4.00blogline

And only now have I realised that I forgot to include my duo brow powder in the thumbnail. But I did do my brows with powder and an angled brush. The duo I have is Ebony. There’s a dark brown and more of a taupe brown for the front of the brow. The powders are very soft. They aren’t full on pigment either which is fantastic. I’m really not one for a harsh brow because it definitely dominates the face. Combined with a red lip, I’d really have looked like I was “going somewhere”, which you know, I was, but my outfit was very casual (sky blue button down shirt and dark blue denim jeans). I didn’t want my head to look like it had been taken from a drag show somewhere and just plopped on my shoulders.

freedom pro melts.jpg


I really wanted to do a red lip so I bloody well did a red lip! I used TGIF which is a super deep oxblood red. I looked fab, but it wasn’t as bright as I wanted it to be. I do have another Pro Melt in Jammie Dodger but that was just a tad too red. So instead, I added Red Wine from the Pro Red collection and that gave me the perfect red I was going for. It had depth but some pop to it as well. Then for some reason I attempted to tone it down by mixing in a nude Melt in D-Ream. So in the picture, my top lip is TGIF and Red Wine and the bottom is TGIF, Red Wine and D-Ream. I know, Don’t ask why….

I think the red lip is bold but it makes the blue in the eyes pop much more than without it. I love it. I’m all for colours in the inner corner during spring. It’s my favourite continuing trend.

After all of that, I had to tell myself that bright red lips at a Chinese buffet were never going to work so I swapped to the pro melt in D-Ream, which lives in my handbag and is perfect for any makeup you will ever do. If this had an MUFE or MAC label on it I’d happily spend £20. I mean, It doesn’t and I wont but… yes, it’s THAT gorgeous. I think the nude lip made the look a lot more Spring appropriate.


full face of freedom makeup london luceluxe laurenlondon94.jpgI hope you enjoyed the look I created and the run down of products. I really enjoy Freedom as a brand and they do have some really good products. If you try anything out I’d recommend the Pro Melts for sure and definitely the Pro highlights.

bloglineLet me know your favourite Freedom products in the comments!



6 thoughts on “B E A U T Y | F R E E D O M F U L L F A C E*

    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      Thank you Vin. I agree yeah, Freedom have some great products. I wonder if anything new will be launching soon? – They don’t sell it in mine either but they do in one near to uni so I pop in every now and then and stock up on my favourites. And thank you, I think I’ll wear blue a bit more. I got a lot of complements.


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