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March 2016 Favourite Products


This month has been pretty chill and low maintenance for me. I always use the easter break as a chance to recharge everything. Hair, skin, nails, blog and that meant less makeup and more concentrating on me. The first two weeks of March I still had uni so I got some good use out of some products but other than that beauty has been a one, two skip a few type thing for me.

I have a nice selection of favourites this month but I don’t have an eyeshadow palette because I’ve been hermitting in my room doing uni work for deadlines before exams so eyeshadow hasn’t really been on my priority list. If I’ve gone out, aside from my Full Face of Freedom, it’s been more foundation and mascara than anything bright and artsy. Although trust me, it’s Spring, bright and artsy is definitely coming!

But anyway, here are my favourites! ↓↓

Pro Illuminate | £4.00


My favourite favourite of the month and probabaly this whole quarter! The Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate is gigantic for one. Like, you get more product than you and five friends could use in a lifetime. It’d ridiculous. What’s great about the Pro Illuminate is that although it looks really gold, the powder itself is very nearly colourless. It has a hint of colour but the general effect is a dewy and healthy glow and not a shimmer or sparkle. If you use a dense brush then you can easily achieve that epic highlight and that looks glorious. Pro Illuminate is just that good of a product. It amazes me how they managed to make it so good, so large and so affordable. Like, what are the secrets in the MUR factory?

Vitamin E Energising Face Spritz | £11.50

bloglineThe Vitamin E spray is something I received as my birthday gift last year and never used because the first time I did, it burned me and gave me a rash for weeks. I have oral allergy syndrome (allergy to certain enzymes) and oranges and citrus fruits are the worst for me so I put it down to that. Instead of throwing it away I kept it for a few month and started using it sporadically on my neck because it’s supposed to kep brighten skin. I didn’t notice the burning anymore so for the last month I’ve been using it on days when I wear no makeup. This month that’s been most days and I’ve actually been loving the way my skin looks bright and radiant. Having said that, I would never and am never going to pay £11.50 for a face spray so I’ll make the most of what I have left and leave it at that.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation – NW45 | £22.00

bloglineThis product is a love hate for me because I knew when I got it that it was the absolute wrong shade for use as foundation. As you do, you go to MAC and get matched and they put all black people into the NW45 category. For me however, they gave me NW50 that of curse, I had to return. I was given NW45 but again, too dark. I really couldn’t be bothered going back to Covent Garden to exchange it so I just kept the powder and didn’t use it for two years. In my search for a drugstore foundation I often have some that are too pale and need warming up a bit. That’s where a light dusting of Studio Fix works wonders. It’s a heavy powder but it doesn’t look heavy so you get a hint of colour without the cake face. I think £22.00 is a reasonable price so when I next get a few pennies I’m going to get myself the correct shade.

MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer – Passion | £3.00

bloglineI waited so long to get these after launch because they were sold out in Superdrug and online. What made it worse was being able to swatch in store and having the colour on my hand all day but not being able to buy one. When I finally got it I wasn’t disappointed and for £3.00, you’re golden! I didn’t expect to love Passion as much as I do. I really thought that Dash would be my new staple, something I gravitated towards everyday but it has actually been Passion that’s gripped me. I don’t wear it alone because it would look too stark with my skin but I mix it with other things or add it to the centre of the lip for highlight. I use it with a red lip, pink lip, purple. Everything! I can’t say how this one lasts or if it does at all because I don’t use it for any particular purpose but judging by how Dash lasts, if you don’t smack your lips when you apply it, you’ll get 4-6 hours depending on your activities (eating, drinking etc.) during the day.

Barry M Polishes | Papaya & Pole Position | £3.99

bloglineMy go to nail brand is Barry M (I have a collection post coming up). You cannot beat the quality of a Barry M polish for longevity (always a week minimum), colour selection and just overall prettiness/collectability. Papaya is a deep peach with a hint of coral and Pole Position is a mint green. I’m sure you’ve heard of Barry M but if you don’t know, you need to get to know!

NARS Yachiyo Brush Dupe | £1.99

bloglineSometime you get very pleasant surprises with Ebay orders and sometimes you get complete duds. This is not the case with the Nars Yachiyo dupes. Like most makeup lovers the idea of an expensive Japanese brush is a dream. Watching Lisa Eldrige this week visiting Japan has almost killed me because I have no money but…. Hakuhodo…… Gahhhh! Anyway, this brush. Super soft, gorgeous taper, applies powder products of all kinds and it’s just pretty and artistic looking. These brushes come in black, white and mixed with a black handle but white and brown bristles. The black looks the most expensive but the brown just looks attractive even though it is shorter. I don’t think I’ll be ordering a white one but as I’m writing this post I’ve ordered another two in black! The NARS version is £43.00… erm, no… but this is under £2.00 delivered from China. If you search “goat hair brush” (I know, I know, you don’t have to tell me) you’ll be able to find listings from between £0.99 and £1.99. Here are a few. 1 | 2 | 3 – This is one I really do recommend.

Vaseline Travel Size | £1.50

bloglineThis is such a random favourite because everyone knows about Vaseline. But it is honestly the best and this mini size is so cute for your bag. I use vaseline for everything and anything that’s dry and it always sorts it out. No.1 staple. Can’t go wrong.

I hope you enjoyed reading.

Lauren x

bloglineWhat were your favourite products this month? Link your posts below!
Here are mine from February! xx







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