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Maybelline Colour Tattoo‘s Review w/ Swatches | £4.99

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Our innovative pigment technology for a super-saturated colour. Smooth cream-gel formula. Up to 24hr staying power. Twelve popping vivid shades. Get inked your way.
Why You’ll Love It:
The collection has twelve long-wearing shades. Our innovative pigment technology gives a visually intense, high colour impact. Cream gel formula feels light on lids and is fade-resistant.


This is a very long overdue review but I feel as though reviewing cult products is always a benefit no matter how long they’ve been on the market. If people continue to talk about them, then others can benefit from knowing about truly good products so today I’m talking about Maybelline Colour Tattoo’s.

The colour tats are supposed to just be used as gel eyeshadows but the beauty world has just gone in and said, “hey, no, that’s not what we want, so we’re just going to pretend their eyesadow bases instead”. I must admit, it did take me a while to click that YouTuber’s and the like weren’t using them as directed, I just thought Maybelline had come up with a product and given it a mismatched name. But anyway…

I held off on buying them for a long time because I had so many eye shadow primers that I was using that did the job fairly well. However, in the height of summer when your lids sweat but you still love to wear eyeshadow, just “doing the job” wont cut it. I needed something that could both be a natural shadow and a shadow primer.



bloglinemaybelline colour tatoo.jpg

I picked up three tattoos. Two Leather Effect (mattes) in Creamy Beige and Vintage plum and then an original in Permanent Taupe. Permanent Taupe has a glittery label but it’s also matte and actually more grey than anything.

Permanant taupe and Vintage plum are kind of interchangeable in that if you’re putting them on alone, they look fairly similar (on brown skin anyway). The only difference is when you layer something on top. I wouldn’t suggest putting a shadow too dissimilar to Vintage Plum because the colour distorts anything that isn’t pureple or has a purple undertone. I tend to use my Makeup Revolution Affirmation palette the most with Vintage Plum for purples and blue/grey tones. – I’d say Creamy Beige is your best bet for laying anything and everything onto. It especially enhances those pretty mattes you get in palettes that all just seem to translate as the same colour on a bare lid. Add creamy Beige before hand and you’ll get the colour as the colour shows in the shadow pan.

The fact that Creamy Beige isn’t white works in its favour because white is ridiculously stark and even when blended out at the edges, on dark skin it can make the entire eye area and therefore, the entire face, look very grey and ashy.

The consistency of the matte version of the Colour Tattoos (I can’t speak for the others) is such that you can blend your shadows over it too so if you get some in the crease, no worries but whatever you put on top will POP, so I’d suggest if you’re blending in the crease over the top of a tatt, use less shadow than you would originally! Blaming a product for not allowing you to blend when you’ve put a dollop of shadow on instead of working in small increments is no bueno! Trust me, I did it the first time I used Creamy Beige.

I think anyone who’s into makeup should give the Colour Tattoo’s a try. Even if you own a more expensive version from MAC or whoever, you should definitely pick one of these up. They’re £4.99, they’re bloody brilliant and they might have a colour you don’t already have. They’re almost always 3for2 of buy one get one half price too so you really have no excuse!


Give them a go. you can purchase them at Boots, Superdrug, ASDA, Wilko, Tesco and so many other places! You have no excuse.
What are your Colour Tat recommendations?

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