Shop My Stash – Collaboration w/ iDorottka



We shopped our stashes and here’s what we found….

I recently met D in real life and we had a complete last talking makeup, men and all kinds of things and we just knew we had to do some sort of collab. We did an impromptu look of the day on Instagram a while back using the Makeup Revolution Naked chocolate palette but we just had to do something else. At the moment it’s just the two of us, but Folu from BoxBraids&Beauty will be jumping on as soon as exams are done with!

So in a group chat on WhatsApp between myself, Dorota and Folu, we decided on shopping our stashes instead of continuously splurging on makeup (don’t judge me, my next post is a haul, this conversation was a while ago ahahaha). The whole idea is not buying into so much beauty and using what you have already because let’s face it, we could all have stopped at maybe three palettes and two lipsticks but of course, that’s just never going to happen.

So for my “shop” I tried to choose products that are more summery in nature because I’m honestly so over dark colours. I want a fresh and flirty face that’s bright and pretty and i’m going to drag it out into autumn if it kills me.

Dorota pulled out:


I pulled out:





Sleek iDivine –  Rio Rio | £7.99

This is the palette I always take out at summer so it’s not really a real stash shop product because I never really forget it’s there. It has a fab selection of bright colours that I’ll use if I’m going out and really want to feel extra happy that day.The colours really pick up your mood.

Freedom Mono’s – Brights #222 & #224 | £1.00

In general I use nude shadows in the summer with pops of colour in the inner corner which is where the Rio Rio palette comes in. But also, i bought the entire Eyeshadow Armory from Freedom last year and really need to make more use of them because the quality for the price is amazing. #222 and #224 are the kind of colours I go for in the inner corner (also matte yellow and purple).

Makeup Revolution Mono – Hung Up | £1.00

My most used nude lid shadows are MAC Texture and Makeup Revolution Hung Up. Hung Up is a very dusty pink, like more dust with pink than pink with dust. It’s super pretty without being in your face. Warmed through the crease with Texture and brightened with a green or a blue shimmer in the inner corner: perfect.



Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof – Nude | £3.99

I always, always, always forget to use nude liners and then I complain when my eyes look super squinty and closed. If you have hooded eyes then nude liners will always be your best friend because where you don’ have that space up top, you can add it down below. The Sandal Eyes formula is thick and actually waterproof unlike some other pencils that have the same claim. I must remember to use this!

Unknown Brand – Plum lip/Eye Pencil | £1.00

I like a coloured winged liner on my lid if I’m not doing an inner corner pop. I usually go for royal blue or a plum purple. I prefer pencils for this because they’re so much easier to use. I plucked this one out purely because of the colour although having used it everyday last week, I can say that the formula is suer soft and I’m glad I shopped my stash for it. I just wish the name hadn’t rubbed off so I could buy another.

Makeup Revolution Hypocrisy Liner – Baddest Blue | £1.00

When the Hypocrisy collection came out I loved the formula of the pencils but to this day, the only ones I use regularly are the black, the black with glitter when I can’t find the black and the white. I’ve neglected all of the others! This blue really is the baddest blue out there and it’s so creamy and pigmented that I couldn’t not add it to my stash basket for use in the month.



Makeover Essentials – Terra Glow | £—

Years ago when I first got into makeup I was stopped by an annoying sales person at Bond Street tube who was selling Makeover Essentials bundles. Now, I was always going to buy something because that’s the kind of person I am, but I was never going to buy the junk in the bundle she tried to sell for £50. The only thing of interest was the bronzer. I got a lot of use out of it at the time but it got shoved to the back at some point and hasn’t been seen since. I really want to get rid of it more than anything but I do also remember it being really soft and silky and great for blending contour and blush. It doesn’t work for me in a bronzer capacity but if I really want that buffed out look, this is what I’ll use.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil – Honey Kiss | £18.00

I remember seeing someone talk about this oil on youTube and thought “I NEED THIS” but I never bought it because it’s nearly £20! I just waited until I was at the outlet and bought four things for 40% off. But once I got it…. the sun went away and I never used it again. it’s just been sitting on my vanity gathering dust and getting grubby but by God I’m gonna use it now! It really does make your skin look healthier.

Lip Products


Topshop Cheek/Lip Jelly – Beep & Reign | £7.00

I bought a bunch of these in the sale last year for £1.00 and thought “what a bargain” as they each retail for £7.00. I took my blog pictures, I wrote half of the post and I never said anything else about them. They just went straight into my drawer and never got used. As cheek products I really hate them. They just shift your base products. On the lips though… they just look juicy and kissable but I stopped using them when we all jumped on the matte lip trend. I like using these to top matte lips or even just on their own for a flirty stain.



Yardley – Royal English Daisy | £14.99

Yardley Royal English Daisy has always been and will always be my favourite fragrance but the more fragrances I buy, the less I use it which is a crying shame. I’ve taken it out now to remind me to make use of it. It’s just too nice not to use. The scent if not a strong floral nor an “old woman” floral, it just smells kind of like a hot summers day, in a field, if you went for a picnic haha.


What are your stash products?
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3 thoughts on “S H O P M Y S T A S H – C O L L A B O R A T I O N W/ iDOROTTKA

  1. Dorota says:

    I love what you pulled out! I hope to hit pan on some of mine ! And to finish some ! ❤️ I can tell you’ll be glowing and wearing a lot of brights in the coming weeks 🙂 xx


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