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Makeup Revolution Monday – Flawless Matte II Review w/Swatches | £8.00



Following the success of our original Flawless Matte palette we bring you 32 more highly pigment matte ultra eyeshadows in one palette. Everyday wearable tones so perfect for use into the evening. Easy to blend and long lasting, this is the perfect palette for on the go too as it comes complete with a full size mirror.

From light to dark, 32 matte shades for flawless eyes.

bloglineMy postman delivered me an unexpected treat last week Friday and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Makeup Revolution had a brand new Flawless Matte palette on the market. I’ve been out of the loop with makeup recently due to it being exam season so I didn’t even know this was being released but here she is! – I didn’t purchase the original Flawless Matte palette because when I swatched them in Superdrug they were all quite pale which wouldn’t work at all for my skintone so I’m glad to see a brand new palette that has least has some warm shades that can be worked into pale shadow looks.

makeup revolution flawless 2 box.jpg

As always, the palette comes in a beautiful box. I’m loving seeing these all stored with their different colours. I’m definitely a box collector and this matte one is nice and vibrant! The back of the box still isn’t very accurate in terms of colours but it looks pretty and if you aren’t a box collector it probabaly doesn’t even matter. It would only be a problem if there was no tester in Superdrug and you bought blind.

The palette itself if just plain black plastic with gold lettering. We all know what that looks like by now. I’ve seen some of the blush palettes comes with a clear top now like the NYX contour palette does and I really hope they don’t start doing that with my 32 pan palettes. It doesn’t look nearly as expensive.

makeup revolution flawless matte 2 shades.jpg

makeup revolution new flawless matte 2 .jpg

makeup revolution flawless matte 1.jpg

makeup revolution flawless matte 2 2.jpg

Flaw | Less | Perfect | Neat | Master | Accurate | Ripe | Matte
Look | Standard | Order | Able | Rate | Finest | Final | Famous
Ranking | Two | Tone | Best | Top | Notch | Valid | Total
Whole | Sound | WII | Known | Right | Vintage | Beauty | Define


All swatches were done with a bog standard double ended applicator. Because they’re matte, they swatch terribly with your finger so don’t judge them on finger swatches. They work perfectly on the eye. Even more so with a matte cream coloured base.

makeup revolution flawless matte 2 swatch 1.jpg

Usually when I swatch the first four colours in and Makeup Revolution palette, I can’t tell the difference between the palette i’m using and the palette that came before it but here there are four clear different colours and I love each one and I love how they look together. That’s not to say that the usual four MUR highlight shades aren’t in this palette, they’re just placed differently haha. I’m especilly a fan of this lilac shade. I think it would look nice on the inner third of the lid with a darker purple or grey on the outer two thirds.

makeup revolution flawless matte 2 swatch 2.jpg

The second column is much of a muchness. Very similar to the first. Little difference if we’re being honest, they’re just a tad ashier.

makeup revolution flawless matte 2 swatch 3 and 4.jpg

The shades in the third and fourth columns are also pretty much the same when you swatch them and when you use them on the eye. The difference is so subtle it’s unreal. If anything, there’s just one silky version and one chalky version of each of the four (/”eight”) colours. The second column has much more pigment in it and the colours come out as more saturated versions of the previous column. I prefer the second column because the colours seem warmer even though they’re still fairly cool.

makeup revolution flawless matte 2 swatch 5.jpg

The fifth column is made of two colours. The first is a beautiful pale peach that refused to show up for my camera and the other one is a light/ cool brown. I say this because the bottom three are all the same in essence only the last is a tad darker. They’re nice, and will get lots of use from me, but it really wouldn’t matter which pan I put my brush in.

makeup revolution flawless matte swatch 6.jpg

The sixth row is where the fun starts for me. I’d have been happy in all honesty if the palette started from here and the pans were the same size or even if this came in a MAC sized quad. You could make an absolutely glorious daytime smokey eye with just these four colours and it would be so pretty. you could put Finest on the inner half, Accurate on the outer, blend Notch through the crease and use Vintage to smoke the outer V and the lashline. All four of these are superb quality and can be built up on the lid without looking patchy.

makeup revolution flawless matte 2 swatch 7.jpg

Everyone is completely bumming reds right now so the four in the penultimate row are probabaly what are going to sell this palette. For that reason, there was absolutely no way these could be lacking in quality, and they’re not. Ripe is the softest in the entire palette and is a gorgeous deep peach that does work on all skintones. The other three feel really rough but are packed with pigment and perform so well. Beauty is my favourite in the whole palette because it’s fab on the eyes and on the lips. If this were a matte lipstick somewhere I would wear it every single day! – You can see it in action at the bottom of the post.

makeup revolution flawless matte 2 swatch 8.jpg

Last but not least, the blues and greys. Grey is my favourite colour in real life but my track record with it as eyeshadow is terrible. Most of the time it looks murky on me but the formula of Famous and Total (which each have a tinge of green and blue) may change my perception. Famous is super soft and feels like clay to the touch. Despite being matte, Define comes off a little satin-esque when swatched. Matte unfortunately took a lot of work to get the colour to show up. I swatched it next to the blue in the Fortune Favours the Brave palette and while the colour is almost identical, the shade in Jane’s palette was far superior to this. Matte takes a lot of building up but looks pretty once you’ve got it on.


How I feel about this palette generally is that it’s a collection of most of the best Makeup Revolution matte shadows in one place. There are reds from the Newtrals palette, purples from Affirmation, browns from here, there and everywhere. It is kind of just jumping on the back of the success of the original Flawless palettes but MUR don’t hide that; it says it right there in the description. All sequels only exist because the original was so good there was scope to reach more people and make more money so no one can really complain. What we have here is a palette of shadows that we all cried out for. It’s not perfect in terms of shade selection, much more could have been done with it, but it works and I can see many beauty lovers enjoying this palette. My view is that if you hit pan on a shadow in a palette, which you certainly will here, then you’ve gotten more than enough use out of that palette. Some of the shadows here are essentials.

I think there’s scope for a third Matte palette from MUR but this time filled with dark mattes like the Viseart or Sleek dark matte offerings. There could be a rich ochre, black, dark purple, really rich greens that are the same quality as their mono shadow in Envy…. I’d buy that the second it launched!

If you’re into these kinds of shades then by all means, go grab this palette. It’s £8.00, the shadows are much better than anything else of a similar price that you can find in Superdrug and you also just get a little bit of extra happiness just because you bought something from MUR.

bloglineI tried out a couple of quick looks when I first got this palette but they both only took a couple of minutes to do so next time, I’ll do something more elaborate.

makeup revolution flawless matte 2.jpgHere, I used Master on the lid, ripe in the crease and Beauty on the lips.


If you wish to purchase the new Flawless Matte 2 palette you can do so here.

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