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New From Sleek – Haul September 2016



“Lose yourself in sumptuous romantic evenings; embrace the cosy warmth of dinner by candlelight and seductive nights by the fire. Create alluring looks with warm, rich shades including smouldering dusky rose, deep plum and iridescent shimmers”.

bloglineI saw yesterday on Sleek’s Facebook page that they had launched a brand new Limited Edition iDivine palette called “Goodnight Sweetheart along with three new Lip VIP shades, Icon, Elite and Paparazzi. A few months previously there were also six new Matte me shades added to the existing line (Shabby Chic, Velvet Slipper, Vino Tinto, Bittersweet, Fired Up and Old Hollywood).

Now everyone is already bumming the autumn even though summer hasn’t finished just yet and it looks as though this years trending colours are pinks, mauves and you guessed it, berry tones (again). Since Anastasia released the Modern Renaissance palette I have actually been feeling more inclined towards dusty pinks over my usual warm oranges and gold so I added a few things to my basket at Boots.com (the newest Sleek stockist).

It turns out that currently (02.09.16) Sleek is buy two for £12 in store (and online) plus I had a reward card perk for 250 points when you spend £25 in store only so I just threw a bottle of coke and some tampons in the basket and skipped to the checkout when I was in town this morning instead of ordering online and missing out.

Here are the things I got….


iDivine – Goodnight Sweetheart | £8.99

I knew as soon as I saw this that I had to have it. not just to add to my collection of iDivine palette’s but also just because I have been feeling a bit blah about the colours I use on my eyes recently and this palette is a welcome change from what I ordinarily go for. I looks and feels very “new romantic” and I’m all there for that vibe!

Matte Me – Shabby Chic | £4.99

Everyone loves a matte lip and we all search for that one matte lip that looks fab, is easy to apply and doesn’t crumble. I went for Shabby Chic thinking it had just the right amount of pink and purple to be flattering on me. It’s a tad too bright but if you just pat your foundation brush over your mouth when it’s closed and the product is dry, it takes away that harsh look that so many of these types of colours can have on people with darker skin. So far… LOVE.

Lip VIP – Icon | £5.49

When this formula launched I went straight to the shops after class to purchase a couple but the formula seems quite thick and waxy to me and I wasn’t a fan of the colours. I came back on another day a few weeks ago and it was a different story, the lipsticks (fresh testers) seemed emollient but didn’t have that waxy look/feel/drag when I swatched them but I still didn’t like the colours. When this, a very similar type mauve tone to Shabby Chic (in the bullet) popped up as part of this new collection… well…. to coin a popular phrase, “that went straight in my basket”.

Face Form – Medium | £9.99

I didn’t particularly need or want a new Face Form palette but since the Blush by Three in Sugar isn’t stocked in my Boots I just thought I’d get one anyway as part of the deal even though the one I have could last me another year at least and I bought the thing in around 2013?! Although, now I’ve said that, it’s probabaly time to get rid. After watching a BuzzFeed video about how dirty our makeup is I’m suddenly really squeamish about nasty ickiness going onto my face.


I bought my products from Boots so I’ve linked within the text to Boots but as far as  I understand it, this collection is exclusive to Boots and the Sleek site itself. I don’t think you’ll be able to get these products in Superdrug.


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