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w7 Naughty Nine Swatches w/ Review – Bangkok Nights | £2.70


“Bangkok Nights is one of four in W7’s The Naughty Nine eyeshadow collection.
Bangkok Nights ranges in purple and plum shades which vary in textures from shimmer to matte effect. The combination of finishes allows you to create looks for the day as well as the night time.
In its sturdy and small packaging, this compact palette can be easily slipped in a handbag or luggage for when you’re on the go”.

I initially bought this palette after seeing BeautyBreaksWithVicky talk about it on her Instagram. She didn’t say it was good or bad, she just posted likening it to the Mac x9 palettes.

This brings me to a different point…. Vicky later made a comment on that same picture that the quality wasn’t so great with these palettes (I am not getting at Vicky in particular). I’m aware that this palette was cheap as chips and it was my own decision to buy it but I feel that social media “influencers”, myself included have a duty to state an opinion….. Don’t just post ambiguous pictures of things looking pretty. Do you like it or do you not? Is it worth it or is it not? Is it comparable to the original product that it’s trying to mimic?

If she had said this clearly in the original post I’d have said “ooo, how pretty, but I don’t want to buy something that’s crappy”. And now I have bought it, all I have to say is that this palette is pants. Utter rubbish. 

w7 naughty 9 swatch 1.jpg

w7 naughty 9 swatch 2.jpg

w7 naughty 9 swatch 3.jpg

The swatches admittedly were fantastic. For the past few months I’ve been swatching with the annoying sponge applicators from palettes with no primer. And considering the number of mattes here, the swatches were great so obviously I was excited to use them!

But that’s where that ended. I went to blend the darkest purple into the outer corner… it was patchy and didn’t show up. I went to pack the pink shimmer in the bottom left on the lid, it didn’t stick. Same story with the purple above. There was no payoff. I wiped it off and tried again with primer and the story was the same. I couldn’t even get the shimmers to stay on long enough to get to mascara let alone through a day….

It’s really annoying because the colours in all of the palettes are gorgeous, especially the Midsummer one which is more pink and burgundy. I actually want to go out and buy the MAC equivalent now instead even though one palette costs £25.00.

In my student days I’ve tried some cheap makeup. I’ve tried some makeup that was probabaly counterfeit and full of lead. But this….. I’m sorry, this is the worst palette I’ve ever used. To coin a popular YouTube-ism… “I do NOT recommend”.



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