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Freedom Makeup – Vamp Noir | £8.00



Ok, so um, here’s another thing I bought that I didn’t need. Ha!

I saw (somewhere on the interwebs) a picture of the new Black Swan Halloween kit and I thought to myself “oo, the range of products there looks quite nice but a) I hate Halloween so that’s a waste and b) it’s all black and white (obviously) which is so singular to this time of year that I wont get much use out of the products”.  Luckily, Freedom had another kit on offer, the Vamp Noir. I got mine in my local Superdrug when I was picking up another order. We don’t have Makeup Revolution on stands in my town, I usually get mine at Sheffield or online so I was surprised to see the Christmas and Halloween Tam Beauty offerings all lined up prettily. The Vamp Noir comes with one eye dust (glitter), one quad eyeshadow palette, a lipstick, a lipgloss and a gel eyeliner.


Right off of the bat, I just have to say that this kit is stellar and not just useable during the Halloween period. The two lip products could be used all year round, add the glitter and you’ve got your festive Christmas/ New Years look sorted. The red gel liner is a fab base and liner. The strength of the red pigment does scare me a tad as it stains a lot and red is one of those dodgy colours anyway…. The eyeshadow quad doesn’t say Vamp to me at all but the quality is fantastic so the colours in here will be welcomed into my collection with open arms. If it had any other name on it we’d have paid £8 just for the palette so this really is a fantastic amount of product for a great price.







Ok so, I love Freedom, you only have to search on my blog to know that but we all know that the £1.00 lipsticks on offer are often very hit and miss. This red here comes in the standard £1.00 lipstick packaging only this is a burgundy bullet instead of black. That’s neither here nor there…. what I want to know is why the regular lipsticks aren’t as good as this?  This lipstick is a “comfort matte”. It glides on in one swipe also. The red is a bit brighter than I’d imagine Mina Harker would go for but that’s good as it could easily cross to a summer shade since it has an orange undertone and not blue. – I need more of this formula please and thank you Freedom.


I’m pretty sure this is just the same (or a very similar) formula as the Pro Melt glosses that Freedom already have  so I wasn’t disappointed when I swatched this out. It’s very thick but easy to apply. I wouldn’t try and put the glitter over this though, it bunches up. This gloss is comfortable, pigmented and shiny. I’m not sure what else you’d need in a red gloss?

Eye Dust

I can’t really see what glitter would be needed for in a Halloween vampire kit…. It’s not even used in the look on the box so I’m lost with that one. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a good product though. Anyone who knows me will know that I hate glitter. It sticks to everything and it doesn’t go away for days and days. When I shook some glitter out for my blog pictures and then tipped it all over my legs and the carpet like a eejit I was dreading being a glittery mess. I guess that’s where the “dust” part comes in. This stuff just wipes away or blows away easily and doesn’t linger. I also did a full glitter lip then talked to my mum for two hours. It didn’t come off at all but I can’t imagine you’d be able to have a meal or anything messy. I think my next step is a glitter winged liner over the gel.

SHADOW Palette

I’m a fan of all four shadows in the palette and the quality of each. The black was a nice surprise. It’s more of a charcoal/ plum and it’s very smokey. The glitter falls out of course but hey ho, it’s still a lovely eyeshadow. The red is more of a pink, as is the purple which kind of looks tropical on me since I have dark skin. In fact, the gold, red, purple combo doesn’t look vampy at all on their own which is good because again, you can get more use during the year. I’d imagine of white and deliberately vampy skin this would give the desired effect but just on first impressions, on brown skin, it’s more like carnival than an Adams Family reunion. Black is definitely needed!

Gel Liner

I wasn’t expecting red liner since the box doesn’t actually show a picture of the products but I was pleasantly surprised by this. I could see this having many uses as liner, base (for eyes and lips) and as the box shows…. brows. The gel itself is thick and saturated with pigment. It applies smoothly without skipping too.

I think it might be my distinct lack of love for Halloween that prevents me seeing the vampy side of glitter but if I squint really hard and imagine white face paint, some grey shadowing plus this kit on top then maybe….. I think the only problem with this kit is that the theme (the name especially) doesn’t match. Noir is literally black yet nothing here is black? I think “Vamp Rouge” should have been the name… or Scarlet Vamp…. or something….. just, else, no? Ok.

All in all though, I love each product individually and look forward to using them all in the coming days and weeks!


You can get your Vamp Noir collection at TAM Beauty or Superdrug for £8.00!

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