M A R C H F A V O U R I T E S*

March 2016 Favourite Products


This month has been pretty chill and low maintenance for me. I always use the easter break as a chance to recharge everything. Hair, skin, nails, blog and that meant less makeup and more concentrating on me. The first two weeks of March I still had uni so I got some good use out of some products but other than that beauty has been a one, two skip a few type thing for me.

I have a nice selection of favourites this month but I don’t have an eyeshadow palette because I’ve been hermitting in my room doing uni work for deadlines before exams so eyeshadow hasn’t really been on my priority list. If I’ve gone out, aside from my Full Face of Freedom, it’s been more foundation and mascara than anything bright and artsy. Although trust me, it’s Spring, bright and artsy is definitely coming!

But anyway, here are my favourites! ↓↓

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N A I L S | B A R R Y M S P R I N G*

Barry M Spring 2016 New Products - Review -Iron Mani and Speedy Quick Dry
(Personal Best) £3.99

Barry M launched their new spring line last month and in my last Superdrug haul I picked up the Iron Mani to strengthen my nails and a pretty pink/purple from the Speedy Quick Dry range in Personal Best.

Yet another new Barry M Super Hero, here to save your nails. Toughen up 
your nails as never before with Iron Mani! This basecoat and treatment 
works to strengthen, smooth and protect nails from breakage.

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H A U L | SU P E R D R U G*

Mini Superdrug Haul – February 2016


So I started taking the bus from uni instead of standing in the freezing cold waiting for a tram to the station and realised that the Superdrug that stocks Freedom was now on my bus route. I went in specifically to buy the Brow Pomade and ended up getting a few bits to make myself feel better about uni fees. I know, I know, logic. Spending money because you’re upset you have no money. I’ll be poor but I’ll have nice eyebrows. They might get me a job 😂 Haha.

Of course I went straight to Freedom’s display and was happy to see that my favourite Glycolic Glow Tonic was stocked there. I didn’t buy any but it was just good to know I could find it physically in a shop now when I run out. I was a bit bummed to see that the Lengthening Mascara wasn’t there. In fact, no mascaras were. There wasn’t even a space for them. I’ll just have to order that when I next go online. 

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B E A U T Y | L ‘ O R E A L – L I Y A ‘S N U D E*

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Privée Review & Swatches

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Privée LIYA'S NUDE THUMB.jpg

I’ve been searching and searching for about three years for a lipstick to replace a L’Oreal one that I’ve had literally since the day I first bought makeup. Unfortunately, the label on the bottom of my own tube rubbed off a long time ago so I had no idea what the shade name was or what collection it belonged to, all I knew was that it was  L’Oreal lipstick…..

That was until the Colour Riche Iconic collection was released with six (?) different shades, inspired by the ‘icons’ (Eva Longoria, Doutzen Kroes etc.). Every time I went to find this shade there was always a tester but the actual lipstick was sold out!! But I found it eventually. You know those days when you forget to bring the lipstick you’re wearing out with you in your bag and you use it as an excuse to buy a new lipstick…..? It was one of those days. ‘Oh no, I forgot to bring my lipstick… I just HAVE TO buy a new one’. So unnecessary but so necessary at the same time.

There are also accompanying nail shades which I really need to take a look at seen as this is a limited edition collection.

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B E A U T Y | B E L L A P I E R R E S H I M M E R P O W D E R*


Bellapierre Shimmer Powder review


Bellapierre shimmer powder. The ultimate all-in-one mineral make up product. Shimmer powder can be combined with moisturiser, lip balm, or even a drop of water to produce a cream eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, nail polish, or any other colour cosmetic you wish to create; you can either apply it with your fingers directly, or you can use a brush, cotton bud or sponge applicator. Shimmer powders are made from 100% natural mineral pigments and are free from bismuth oxychloride, talc and other potentially harmful chemicals or fillers, so they are hypo-allergenic and suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

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N A I L S | R I M M E L – I T ‘ S A S C O R C H E R*

Rimmel Lasting Finish #504 - It's a Scorcher


You know when you go down the make up aisle just to look and you tell yourself you can’t leave with nothing? This is what I picked up from the Rimmel stand at ASDA just because I couldn’t leave empty handed.

Rimmel Lasting Finish in the shade #504 It’s a Scorcher. A bright, neon orange with subtle gold shimmer.

It’s summer time, the weather here in the UK has been unnaturally glorious and bright nails make me even happier. Continue reading

N A I L S | M U A S P R I N G/S U M M E R S H A D E S*

 MUA Pastel Nail Polishes - Spring Picks


So we’re getting into nice weather now and nails are always a big statement at this time of the year because they’re something you just can’t miss. You see a person’s hands numerous times throughout a day. Whether it’s nicely applied or one streaky coat, people will notice.

Now I’m the kind of girl that will designate nail painting time no matter how busy my schedule is. I just can’t have unpainted or severely chipped nails. It bugs the life out of me. When you paint your nails that often (I’ve increased from once a week to two or three times just because I like to change) then you need a lot of polishes. So when they only cost £1 and are great quality, you can’t really go wrong. Continue reading

N A I L S | B A R R Y M – S I L K S*

 BarryM Silks Review


I’ve had this draft completed for weeks and weeks now and am unsure why I haven’t posted it yet…. But here it is anyway. Short and sweet.


This gorgeous polish is from the Barry M Silk collection that was brought out a few months ago. The shade is called Heather and is a really dainty type of lilac with a silky/frosty finish. Perfect for spring, right? There are five other shades in the collection; Meadow, Truffle, Blossom, Pearl, & Mist. The only other colour I own is Pearl….. a pearlescent off white. I wouldn’t mind Blossom though. Continue reading

N A I L S | M Y N A I L S T H I S W E E K*




Jut a quick note to say that this week my nail colour was Barry M Gelly in Blueberry.  

Like most of the Hi-Shine Gelly range you don’t need a top coat. The colour goes on smoothly as well, this was only two coats. The picture was taken after five days so there is a little bit of wear and tear. I’ve had numerous compliments on the shade too, it’s a deep pastel blue. I’ve also been asked so many times where I got my acrylic/gel done because of the high shine. It really does look like a gel manicure.

Overall I’m really happy with the colour and the longevity of this polish and will definitely wear it again through the spring and summer.