M A R C H F A V O U R I T E S*

March 2016 Favourite Products


This month has been pretty chill and low maintenance for me. I always use the easter break as a chance to recharge everything. Hair, skin, nails, blog and that meant less makeup and more concentrating on me. The first two weeks of March I still had uni so I got some good use out of some products but other than that beauty has been a one, two skip a few type thing for me.

I have a nice selection of favourites this month but I don’t have an eyeshadow palette because I’ve been hermitting in my room doing uni work for deadlines before exams so eyeshadow hasn’t really been on my priority list. If I’ve gone out, aside from my Full Face of Freedom, it’s been more foundation and mascara than anything bright and artsy. Although trust me, it’s Spring, bright and artsy is definitely coming!

But anyway, here are my favourites! ↓↓

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B E A U T Y | G O O D I E B A G*

Makeup Revolution 2nd Birthday Goodie Bag blogline


A few weeks ago I attended the Makeup Revolution birthday party at Cafe de Paris in London (you can read about the fab night here). As we left we all handed in our little goodie bag coupons we had been drunkenly checking for throughout the night to make sure we hadn’t dropped it in amongst all of the boogieing. We were each handed a tote bag that said “I Helped Make the Revolution” printed on the side. That message was dotted all about the party and was a huge thank you to all of the bloggers and vloggers and press that helped Adam and the gang build the brand. It’s definitely something I’ll keep forever.

So, I didn’t open the goodie bag until the next day because a) I didn’t want to lose anything on the train and b) I was half asleep and I wanted to really appreciate what we were given.


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T O O L S | W H A T ‘ S I N M Y RT M I R A C L E S P O N G E?*

What’s IN my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge?

rtspongethumbI always see those scripted and planned “What’s in my bag/phone/house/life” videos on YouTube so I was thinking, what’s something beauty related that you really can’t plan. BAM – Beauty Blender! And then I realised, I’m not ballin’ enough to spend £20 on a sponge, but I do have the RT Miracle Complexion Sponge and I had just repurchased a new one at Superdrug so taking a peek inside the old one would be fine.

I kept hearing horror stories about girls finding lumps of mould and whatever else inside their sponges because we mostly use them damp, probably don’t wash them enough and use them every day with a whole heap of oily products. The thought really freaked me out that I might open it up and find a colony and realise that I’ve been putting it on my face every other day not realising. Continue reading

B E A U T Y | P R O S T R O B E*

Freedom Makeup Pro Strobe Palette w/ Brush Review & Swatches



Freedom is here!!!!…… Again. And they’re back with a whole host of new products and professional dupes. The first product I’ll review is this little gem, the Pro Strobe palette.

“The Pro Powder Strobe Palette contains everything you need to finish, brighten, contour, and highlight your skin. Includes: 2x Matte Highlighters, 1x Shimmer Highlighter, 3x Matte Contours, 1x Pro Strobe Brush.”

bloglineI’ve had by far the most questions about this palette since posting a picture of all the great stuff I was sent on Instagram so I thought I’d strike while the iron was still hot and put this post out first.

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B E A U T Y | N E W I N*

New In – Freedom Makeup London 2015



Freedom Makeup just added over 50 new lines to their site and I am unbelievably excited. Sure, people go wild for Dipbrow and the go wild for primer water but at department store prices or with the added annoyance of overseas shipping fees, it puts a real downer on cult products. Now we don’t have to worry about any of that because Freedom is bridging the gap perfectly!

New products include ten new duo brow powders in both compacts and in professional palettes, brow pomades, strobing/contour kits, primer water, creme highlighter palettes, powder highlighter, strobing cream, pro artist shadow palette’s and so much more! Continue reading

S K I N C A R E | K I K O – C L E AN S I N G F A CE B R U S H*

Kiko Cleansing Face Brush Review


“Soft face brush specifically designed to be used with foaming cleaners. It removes impurities from the skin thanks to perfectly sized bristles and massages it stimulating renewal. The face appears thoroughly cleansed, smoothed and fresh”.

I just placed an order on Boots for the No.7 Cleansing Face Brush and thought it was about time I reviewed the manual Kiko face brush before I retire it.

This brush was a random purchase while I was at Kiko with my sister picking up some concealer. It’s one of those products right by the till that you don’t really need or want until you see it. At the time, I was actually looking for a facial brush, just not on the day I was in Kiko. I was breaking out a lot and found that even in the morning after deep cleaning the night before, when I washed my face, there was still makeup left behind. Continue reading

T O O L S / B R U S H E S | B E AU T Y M A D E E A S Y*

Handbag Saviours! - Beauty Made Easy Oil Blotting Sheets


If you have oily skin then you know the struggle with having a shiny face. I’m not one for over powdering or using completely flat matte base products just to avoid shine so I like to keep blotting papers handy. For the longest time I used some from the Tea Tree range at the Body Shop but I haven’t been able to find them in a while and tbh, the whole Tea Tree thing didn’t really do anything anyway. I had these pretty pink powdered blotting papers sent to me from Beauty Crowd Pro to try to see whether or not they should be stocked on the site. After trying them for a week, I say yes.

You sometimes completely forget just how important something like a blotting sheet is. You don’t want to use a tissue because some leave white fibres or rub off makeup and you don’t want to end up with a bare nose. And you don’t want to keep applying powder either because it’ll cake up and look weird and splotchy. Blotting papers are saviours because they’re just so lightweight and easy. Continue reading

T O O L S / B R U S H E S | J E S S U P F A C E*

EBay Jessup Brushes Coffee/Gold (Tom Ford Dupe) Review


After seeing a fair few YouTuber’s talk about both the Tom Ford brushes (cheapest (lip) brush is £36 – GASP!) and the Jessup equivalents from Ebay I decided to place an order. I couldn’t decide which individual brushes to get so I stuck with face brushes and got the 5pc set. This set comes with a traditional flat foundation brush (01), a cream foundation brush (02), a wide flat shader (04), a bronzer brush (05) and large cheek brush (06). Continue reading

B E A U T Y | S C U L P T E D B E A U T Y*

House of GlamDolls & Freedom Sculpted Beauty Practical Makeup Course Reviewblogline


It’s a verrrrrrrry long one today I’m afraid but I promise it’s good and you will learn a lot!

I was offered the chance to attend a two hour course with David Horne and Chinyee Chu from the House of Glam Dolls as well as Freedom Makeup and jumped on it so I could come back and tell you all. Each course is usually £50. The classes are small (8 people) and personal so if you need one on one help you can get it. When you attend you also receive a GlamBag full of Freedom products to use during the class and then take home. For a limited time you also get £28 worth of Freedom makeup in addition so you basically get the price of the ticket redeemed in product.SculptedBeauty GlamBag

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T O O L S / B R U S H E S | P R O C U R V E C O N T O U R*

Makeup Revolution Pro Curve Contour Brush Set Review


The Curve Collection Brushes for perfect contour shaping. A collection of specifically cut and shaped brushes to allow the perfect application of contour to face, cheek and eyes.- You can of course buy individual brushes which are between £3.99 and £5.99 or you can buy the set for the discounted price of £15 at a saving of £5.

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