M A R C H F A V O U R I T E S*

March 2016 Favourite Products


This month has been pretty chill and low maintenance for me. I always use the easter break as a chance to recharge everything. Hair, skin, nails, blog and that meant less makeup and more concentrating on me. The first two weeks of March I still had uni so I got some good use out of some products but other than that beauty has been a one, two skip a few type thing for me.

I have a nice selection of favourites this month but I don’t have an eyeshadow palette because I’ve been hermitting in my room doing uni work for deadlines before exams so eyeshadow hasn’t really been on my priority list. If I’ve gone out, aside from my Full Face of Freedom, it’s been more foundation and mascara than anything bright and artsy. Although trust me, it’s Spring, bright and artsy is definitely coming!

But anyway, here are my favourites! ↓↓

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B E A U T Y | C O N C E A L E R S*

My Favourite Concealers – February 2016


beauty favourites concealers thumb.jpg

In my attempt to use less foundation because it’s getting quite expensive, I’ve been using concealers both under and over a thin base. I’ve found that I use much less product all around both foundation and concealer and I look far less cakey than just using two layers of foundation alone. I just thought I’d share my favourites and have a little chit chat about them. Also, showing you some great concealers for tan-deep skin.

House of GlamDolls GlamBase Wheel 2 £25.00

glambase wheel 2 house of glamdolls.jpg

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B E A U T Y | M A K E U P R E V O L U T I O N M U S T H A V E S*

My Must Have Makeup Revolution Products

If you’ve heard of Makeup Revolution then chances are, you want everything but can’t bring yourself to splurge or you want everything, and you splurge so bad you wonder how you’ll ever fit it all on your face in a lifetime. I’m one of the latter. Funny, because even though Revolution send some bits and bobs to review, I still make massive orders of my own which now means I have an epic collection that threatens to have me thrown out of my house because my mother thinks it’s getting out of hand. (She doesn’t think so when I whip out Essential Mattes 2 and give her a little bit of a spruce up before church on a Sunday though FYI). I think I’ve hit my MUR limit now though as I realised after making another order on Thursday, that I pretty much own everything on the site barring foundations and whatnot. It’s so amazing how one brand has completely revolutionised (no pun intended) how I think about makeup. 

Recently, I posted the thumbnail to this post on Instagram (@LaurenLondon94) and since its my most liked image, I thought I’d best get onto writing it up seen as a lot of people clearly want to see it!

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S T Y L E | B R I T A W A R D F A V O U R I T E S*

Top Five Red Carpet Looks | The Brit Awards 2015

Last night at the Brits saw Kim K take selfies on stage while she was introducing Kanye, Take That make fools of themselves and Madonna take flight in spectacular fashion as she was dragged down a flight of stairs by her dancers during her ‘big return’ to the biggest music awards ceremony in the UK. The red carpet however was far more subdued than all of that. There really wasn’t much glitz and glam at the Brit awards so there wasn’t very much to choose from in terms of favourite fashions. There was no Margo Robbie, JLo or Zendaya but there were these guys. Let’s take a look at my personal top five.

1 | Paloma Faith

The most put together and polished look on the red carpet came from Paloma Faith. The combination of red hair, red lips, red nails and red dress worked so well together and you have to admire the winged liner and bold brows. Paloma looked absolutely glorious in Armani.  Continue reading

B E A U T Y | F A V O U R I T E S 2 0 1 4*

2014 Beauty Favourites

blogline2014 favourites beauty.jpg

I’m not one for the whole ‘new year, new me’ thing but knowing me, I will be a ‘new year, new makeup’ type. So on that note, I’d better pay a bit of homage to my most loved products this year. Here are the things I’ve not been able to stop reaching for.

Fashion Fair Cream to Powderblogline

This is one I dug out of the foundation graveyard a while ago after I just could not find a foundation I liked for the winter. I think the only reason I stopped using this was because I didn’t have any brushes when I first bought it, only cheap disposable sponges. Now I’ve discovered flat top kabuki’s and have a couple of really good ones, I’m loving this product again and have hit pan. Whoop whoop!

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T H E H A P P Y L I S T | #2*

Happy List | #2


The main things that made me happy this week were family and loved ones. I went to my cousins wedding in Brighton and was able to see people that I’d not seen in years in some cases. It was just nice to be in a positive and happy environment with nice people for a change!

1 | Me and my cousin Melissa who was a bridesmaid at the wedding.

2 | The bride and groom, my cousin Nathan, cutting the cake. – Three tiers, plain, fruit and chocolate with handmade butterflies to decorate. 🙂

3 | Me and Melissa again in a selfie before the speeches began.

4 | Me attempting to eat my boyfriend’s face because he’s so tasty! – I may not always show it but I really appreciate all of the things he does for/with me and all of my crap that he puts up with.

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T H E H A P P Y L I S T | #1*

 Happy List | #1


After joining a new blogging community: The Lovely Lady Bloggers, i spent a few hours trawling through new blogs and connecting with other female bloggers. One of those is Wax from Waxy World  whose Happy List blog post really caught my attention. It was The Duck and the Owl who inspired Wax to do this and now I’m going to give it a go and attempt to stick with it weekly or bi-weekly, I’m not sure yet!

Even if I don’t do anything really interesting, there’s always something that makes you smile or makes you happy. Sometimes it’s just the small things!

1 | Long Lost Family, ITV1, Monday's, 9pm

I HATE to cry but Long Lost Family is one of those things that can only produce happy tears. Reuniting family members with their loved ones, who wouldn’t be happy to watch that? Continue reading

M Y F A V O U R I T E T H I N G S | F R A G R A N C E*

My Favourite Fragrances


I wear a scent everyday, but I don't have any one particular 'signature' scent, nor do I have certain fragrances that I only enjoy season to season. I literally just get up, wash up and spritz whatever I feel like on the day. I've seen a fair few fragrance posts recently but they all seem to mention cult favourites which is a bit samey-samey. So here are my all time favourite scents, which I hope is something a little different to the norm! Continue reading