B E A U T Y | G R A D U A T I O N*

My Graduation Day Makeup & Outfit


On July 6th I graduated from university. It seems like an absolute age since that day but I still remember every moment. To date, it was the best day of my life. I had a few questions on the day so here’s a little post about the makeup and outfit from graduation. Mine was fairly early so there are still many people who might like and benefit from this post. If you do, let me know :).

I did a little google research before the big day about makeup for graduation and gathered a few ideas. In the end I decided to go for a bronzed type look with soft pinks and not just a very plain face. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t regret what I had done when looking back at the pictures. I tried to keep it sculpted but natural. I even used some of the skills I picked up at the Freedom and House of GlamDolls course. << Not a plug, legit what I did. Continue reading


S T Y L E | B R I T A W A R D F A V O U R I T E S*

Top Five Red Carpet Looks | The Brit Awards 2015

Last night at the Brits saw Kim K take selfies on stage while she was introducing Kanye, Take That make fools of themselves and Madonna take flight in spectacular fashion as she was dragged down a flight of stairs by her dancers during her ‘big return’ to the biggest music awards ceremony in the UK. The red carpet however was far more subdued than all of that. There really wasn’t much glitz and glam at the Brit awards so there wasn’t very much to choose from in terms of favourite fashions. There was no Margo Robbie, JLo or Zendaya but there were these guys. Let’s take a look at my personal top five.

1 | Paloma Faith

The most put together and polished look on the red carpet came from Paloma Faith. The combination of red hair, red lips, red nails and red dress worked so well together and you have to admire the winged liner and bold brows. Paloma looked absolutely glorious in Armani.  Continue reading

S T Y L E | N I C O L E F O R M I S S G U I D E D*

Nicole x  Missguided


Now, there are a lot of bandwagons that I don’t jump on to because I just think ‘Ugh, no’ and the ‘Shamazing Scherzinger’ bandwagon is one of those. Having said that, I must say, I really like her new 52 piece collection for Missguided and thought I’d share a handful of my favourite pieces with you all.


Everything is so simple; It’s black, it’s white, it’s blue. There are just block colour statement pieces that you can dress up or dress down. There are no frills or lace, no unnecessary dangly bits and no emblems. The prices range from £15-£50 – Standard Missguided pricing really, so no complaints there. Continue reading

S T Y L E | M A L I N B E R G F O R S*

Malin Bergfors - UpCloseAndStylish


If I had the money….. ↑↑ every item here would be in my spring wardrobe.

Some people have money and some people don’t. Malin Känsäkangas Bergfors is one of those that has plenty of it. Or at least her 64 year old husband does! Now some say she’s a trophy wife and just in it for the pennies and the luxury lifestyle. I say it’s none of our business and of that arrangement works for them then that’s absolutely great. Continue reading

S T Y L E | O O T D – S P R I N G C A S U A L*


Casual Spring Outfit

The shadows make my legs look really dark…. I have no idea why. My legs are actually the lightest part of my body! They never see any sun 😦

I’m aware that I’m in a changing room but I promise, I did buy the outfit afterwards. That technically means it’s not an OOTD but still, I just though I’d share with you a lovely outfit that I’ll be wearing during the warmer months.

But anyway, this is a pretty simple outfit. A basic white Scoop-Neck cami, the Lace-Trimmed skirt and the Boho Doll Woven Kimono, all from Forever21.

The outfit would also look nice, if not better with the Must-Have Crocheted Skirt. But unfortunately, this skirt just looked terrible on me when I tried it on. Years of playing Rugby means my thighs and tube skirts just don’t go together.

I’m not wearing any shoes! I think a simple sandal, brown, white or cream to match the cream in the kimono, would be the best option. Or if you wanted to keep it extra casual, a pair of plain white lace up plimsolls. I feel so old calling them plimsolls.

For those of you who might be interested, for the nails I haven’t chipped off, I’m wearing the BarryM matte black ‘Espresso’ polish.