U P D A T E | W H E R E H A V E I B E E N?*



update 2016.jpgThis post has taken me a long while to get around to…… Who am I kidding? All of my blog posts have taken me a long while to get around to. I’ve just been so busy adulting that suddenly churning out three blog posts a week just did not, for the longest time, feel like something I wanted to do.

I have managed to keep up with product shots of things here and there that I’ve bought, tried and tested so that’s left me with a huge backlog of product reviews to be getting on with.

If after all of my time away, you’re still here with me then thank you for sticking around.

If you’re new, then thank you for reading and I hope you plan on sticking around too!

Speak soon all 🙂 x