U P D A T E | W H E R E H A V E I B E E N?*



update 2016.jpgThis post has taken me a long while to get around to…… Who am I kidding? All of my blog posts have taken me a long while to get around to. I’ve just been so busy adulting that suddenly churning out three blog posts a week just did not, for the longest time, feel like something I wanted to do.

I have managed to keep up with product shots of things here and there that I’ve bought, tried and tested so that’s left me with a huge backlog of product reviews to be getting on with.

If after all of my time away, you’re still here with me then thank you for sticking around.

If you’re new, then thank you for reading and I hope you plan on sticking around too!

Speak soon all 🙂 x


B E A U T Y | J A C L Y N H I L L – M O R P H E*

Jaclyn Hill Favourites by Morphe Palette Review w/Swatches


I’ve been holding off on doing this review seen as I’m still so, so bitter about customer service and delivery surrounding this palette. I was one of those saddos sitting at her computer at 8 AM GMT on New Year’s Day fighting with three different browsers, refreshing every ten seconds, just to get my hands on this. I ended up having to buy LA Girl Pro Concealer in Fawn, four other single shadows and two brushes because you couldn’t remove them from the basket once the site started malfunctioning. 😦 But even with those items, this was all just a bit of a joke.

I’ll give you a little spoiler though…. I am happy I bought this palette, the shadows are amazing, I just wish there was less hassle to purchase it. That aspect was a shambles!

But anyway…..

The Jaclyn Hill palette launched on January 1st at midnight PST. It was originally on ‘presale’ so, although orders could be taken on that day, they would not be shipped until January 23rd. I was prepared to wait that long but with the rigmarole we all had to go through to place an order they decided to ship out around a week after instead.

Mine arrived sometime around January 15th and was sent back to customs seeing as they had said that ‘the sender had not paid postage’. Now, considering I spent $20 on ‘shipping’ I’d assume that was enough. Continue reading

T O P 5 P O S T S O F 2 0 1 4*

Top 5 Posts of 2014

There were a few of my posts that had a ridiculous  amount of traffic last year compared to my others so I thought I’d share them here in one post for you. Looking at these now I’ll certainly try and do a few more similar ones seen as they’ve been so well received.

Funnily enough, there are a few Makeup Revolution posts there seen as the brand launched in March last year and has taken the budget beauty world by storm. It’s not surprising that 3/5 of my to posts this year were MUR related.

1| S T Y L E | M A L I N B E R G F O R S

My style inspiration/ I con of 2013/2014.

Continue reading

I S A T D O W N T O B L O G T O D A Y*

I sat down to blog today and my laptop died. It just broke. 😦 – I’ll continue to hand write blog posts in case I can fix this or use another computer but there will be a fair few large gaps between posts.

It sucks, I had a really good one today! By the time my laptop is alive again or I get a new one, Halloween will be over and the posts won’t make much sense :(.

Fingers crossed for me.

See you soon!

L A U R E N *

Q | Q U E H I C I S T E | A – Z B L O G G I N G C H A L L E N G E*

jennifer-lopez-jpgjennifer lopezque hiciste

I was honestly at a loss when it came to finding a song or artist that began with Q let alone writing another blog post on the subject. I very nearly just wrote about how awkward the letter was. While cleaning the loo I found myself humming Que Hiciste, a song that makes me want to dance and sing and really LIVE! It’s just one of those songs that lets you believe, even for a second that you’re someone else. You’re a flamenco dancer, you’re a salsa queen. You’re alive.

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B E A U T Y | S P RI N G/ S U M M E R L I P S*



More beauty, I know, I’m sorry. Actually, I’m kinda not!

I banned myself from buying make up recently but I have to say this one thing. On Friday I bought lip colours. Lip colours for Spring! Bold, bright and beautiful. And muhahahahaha, Je ne regrette rien! Even as I type this I’m thinking of going back to Boots to take advantage of the 3for2 offer all over again. I probably wont regret that either (much).

So much makeup. Much happy.

These are by no means new products they’re just the things that I really thought I’d get maximum wear out of during the spring and summer. I’m feeling very ‘Shirley‘ recently, wearing plain, often neutral clothes but with colour in my makeup and accessories. If anyone has a style that should be copied it’s Shirley B Eniang. Especially that signature red lip. Continue reading