B E A U T Y | A F F O R D A B L E L A S H E S*

Quality Affordable Lash Haul


When you  watch as many YouTube videos as us makeup lovers, you get to realise that the perfect pair of lashes really does bring a look together. The only lash experience I’ve had is with Red Cherry lashes and after a bit of experience with those, I’ve come to love Delaney (600) and Peony (747u). However, I fancied branching out without breaking the bank. Over the past month or so i’ve picked up a couple of new styles and so I’m sharing them here so you can see a few of the affordable lash choice currently on offer.


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B E A U T Y | F R E E D O M P R I M E & S E T*

Freedom Prime and Set Product Mini Reviews


So, we’re definitely into summer here in the UK and as temperatures get into the late 20’s and 30’s if you’re wearing makeup you’re going to want to make sure it doesn’t attempt to escape from your face. Graduations (whoop), proms and weddings are all coming up so every little helps.

Freedom, a new brand in the UK has all of the products you might need to keep your makeup looking perfect all summer. You can purchase all of the products mentioned directly from their website or through BeautyCrowd who are currently running a 20% off deal when you spend £20 site wide. If you missed the original launch deal on the Freedom site then here’s a second chance for you plus a whole bunch of American cosmetics like Jordana and Milani that we can’t easily get here. Continue reading

B E A U T Y | S C U L P T E D B E A U T Y*

House of GlamDolls & Freedom Sculpted Beauty Practical Makeup Course Reviewblogline


It’s a verrrrrrrry long one today I’m afraid but I promise it’s good and you will learn a lot!

I was offered the chance to attend a two hour course with David Horne and Chinyee Chu from the House of Glam Dolls as well as Freedom Makeup and jumped on it so I could come back and tell you all. Each course is usually £50. The classes are small (8 people) and personal so if you need one on one help you can get it. When you attend you also receive a GlamBag full of Freedom products to use during the class and then take home. For a limited time you also get £28 worth of Freedom makeup in addition so you basically get the price of the ticket redeemed in product.SculptedBeauty GlamBag

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T O O L S / B R U S H E S | P R O C U R V E C O N T O U R*

Makeup Revolution Pro Curve Contour Brush Set Review


The Curve Collection Brushes for perfect contour shaping. A collection of specifically cut and shaped brushes to allow the perfect application of contour to face, cheek and eyes.- You can of course buy individual brushes which are between £3.99 and £5.99 or you can buy the set for the discounted price of £15 at a saving of £5.

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D I S C U S S I O N | L U S H – M I C R O B E A D S A R E C A U S I NG P R O B L E M S*

I recently bought a facial scrub from The Body Shop and have been using physical exfoliators for years, but recently have been unhappy with the results and the damage they do to the texture of my skin. A couple of months ago I made the move towards muslin cloths and facial loofas as an alternative. After seeing this video I’m so glad I did. I’m saying no to microbeads and micro plastics.

B E A U T Y | C O R R E C T & C O N C E A L*

Freedom Pro Correct & Conceal Palette Review


“Pro Conceal Palette – the “Makeup Artist’s Secret Weapon” in a kit format for  ease of professional use. Containing 6 cream concealing shades. Collections to suit every skin tone.”

bloglineWe all have that something that we dislike about our face, from a slightly wonky nose to an eyebrow that has a random patch where hair just refuses to grow. It’s the same with skin too. From the smallest blemish, the reddest rosascea, to the deepest darkest hyper-pigmentation. Some of us are completely fine with any imperfections on our skin, some of us like to cover certain things and not others and some want/need a completely blank canvas before they apply the rest of their makeup. It doesn’t matter which one of these people you are, I have a palette here for you that just might come in handy!

This palette comes in five shades: Light, Light Medium, Medium Dark and Dark. There’s also a corrector palette with green, peach and lilac etc. solely for correcting discolouration. Each palette is £5 and mimic’s those of MAC (£35) and NYX ($12). You can purchase the Freedom Pro Conceal and Correct direct from the site or on BeautyCrowd. Continue reading

B E A U T Y | P R O R E D L I P S T I C K C O L L E C T I O N*

Freedom Makeup London – Pro Red Lipstick Collectionblogline

freedom makeup pro red thumb

I received the Pro Red collection from Freedom Makeup Londom (FML) just before launch the other day. I’m always a fan of red lipstick, even more so in the summer months because even when you’re dressed down in a plain dress you can slick on some red and feel like you’re totally dolled up! I’m even more of a fan of reds when they’re affordable and at £1 a pop you can’t really get more affordable than that.

The packaging of course reflects the price. It’s a black tube with a colour swatch at the bottom that you can’t take off (I tried for a loonngg time). What I like about these compared to MUA and 2true and other similarly priced lipsticks (plus some expensive ones too), the caps don’t come off willy nilly. Continue reading

S K I N C A R E | B L A C K H E A D R E M O V E R*

The Body Shop Double Ended Blackhead Remover


Here’s a frank and honest post about face gunk, lumps and bumps. Don’t worry, I’m not going to take any manky pictures of me with blackheads peaking out of my nose so you can rest assured….. This is just a review of a new tool in my arsenal, minus the gruesome pictures to look at while you eat your lunch!

I was watching a BuzzFeed video during a binge session about the gross things girls do in secret and one of the girls started attacking her face with a blackhead remover. Now, I don’t actually have any blackheads but I do have an abundance of white heads, spots and generally blocked pores. I thought that if anywhere would have a tool to sort all of this out then it would be Boots but I didn’t find one there at all. I did however find one at the Body Shop for £4 (more like £2 at outlet prices).

This is a double ended tool that has one small end and one large. Both ends are like the eye of a needle, with the larger side being a bit more flat so you can scoop, press and scrape to your hearts desire. The small end is good for getting in around the corners of the nose especially where you might get more build up than usual. Continue reading

B E A U T Y | F R E E D O M M A K E U P L O N D O N – M E L T S*

Freedom Makeup London – Pro Melts


Get the High Definition Intense finish with this melted lipstick formula lip gloss.  Super Intensive and Long Lasting.

There’s a new kid on the block ladies and gentlemen and they’re packing all the punches on launch day. Here I have the full collection of Lipgloss Melts from Freedom Makeup London. The premise of this new company is very similar to Makeup Revolution but Freedom products are products that can be used in a more professional manner but are still super affordable. Obviously you can wear whatever the hell you like whenever you like but what Freedom does is offer makeup kit starter packs as well as bundles of makeup that cater towards artists and not just everyday users. Continue reading