H I S T O R Y | W W I – B R I T I S H W A R D I A R I E S*


WO95 - British Army War Diaries 1914-1922 @ TNA Kew Gardens


'The documents and other survivals of the past are dead to us until we ask them a question. - Benedetto Croce, 1917

Yesterday a really exciting opportunity arose to get involved in the largest digitisation project The National Archives (TNA) has ever undertaken. If you don’t enjoy history however I wouldn’t bother continuing on with this blog post….. Continue reading


F O O D | G R E E D Y C O W*


Greedy Cow Burgers & Steaks Review


It seems like an age since I’ve posted anything food or drink related on here which is odd because I’ve eaten out a ridiculous amount recently! Today’s fine establishment is Greedy Cow a small little place tucked away on a less than impressive street in Mile End, E3. For my birthday me and The Boy decided to venture out of Soho and try another area of London and after a sweltering hot tube ride on the Central Line, a 15 minute wait for a broken door on the tube in front of us to be fixed and a less then spectacular first impression, we found ourselves at no.2 Grove Road with rumbling tummies and very little patience.

Greedy Cow is quite small and compact and can only fit three single tables across with a small space for waiters to walk through. I’ve been told there’s an upstairs seating area too and as the place filled up in the evening there were people shown upstairs. There’s not much to say about the service, the staff were all friendly enough but for the most part we were left alone (in a bright corner with no blinds) to enjoy our meals. There only problem was that there seemed to me to be far too many waiters and waitresses for such a small restaurant. They were just milling about looking to catch the eye of customers. Onto the food. We started out with the king prawns and fishcakes. Continue reading