B E A U T Y | B I R T H D A Y*

Makeup Revolution Celebrates Two Year Anniversary!



If you follow Makeup Revolution on social media or are a connected blogger then you’ll know that on Thursday it was Makeup Revolution’s second birthday party!  I know right! Two years! Two years since Iconic 1, 2 and 3. Two years since Salvation lip lacquers and metallic eye foils! Who knew the time would go so fast? To celebrate, Makeup Revolution and TAM Beauty hosted a fun filled night at Cafe de Paris in London, an old haunt from my uni days.

New Launches

makeuprevolution birthday new launch products 2016.png

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B E A U T Y | G R A D U A T I O N*

My Graduation Day Makeup & Outfit


On July 6th I graduated from university. It seems like an absolute age since that day but I still remember every moment. To date, it was the best day of my life. I had a few questions on the day so here’s a little post about the makeup and outfit from graduation. Mine was fairly early so there are still many people who might like and benefit from this post. If you do, let me know :).

I did a little google research before the big day about makeup for graduation and gathered a few ideas. In the end I decided to go for a bronzed type look with soft pinks and not just a very plain face. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t regret what I had done when looking back at the pictures. I tried to keep it sculpted but natural. I even used some of the skills I picked up at the Freedom and House of GlamDolls course. << Not a plug, legit what I did. Continue reading

S K I N C A R E | L U S H – O X F O R D S T R E E T*

LUSH Oxford Street Overview - It’s just so LUSH!


I’ve always loved LUSH and the relaxed and slightly hippy environment that makes you feel super clean and natural. They ladies and gents in there always seem like such natural beauties and you can tell from talking to them just how much they love and adore LUSH products. (Plus, male employees have the softest looking beards. Weird to notice but mmmm, fuzzy :)). I once spent over an hour standing in LUSH with my friend Tasha and two LUSH employees discussing hair and skincare. It set us up in such a good mood for lunch and shopping afterwards. The two girls at the branch went above and beyond for us.

Anyway, this post is about something different… You’ve probably already seen it by now but this is the new LUSH store on Oxford Street, a mecca of natural, cruelty free beauty, skin and haircare. The pictures were taken on the second day of opening. – Yeaaaaaah… that just goes to show how long I hoard blog pictures ahaha.  Continue reading

B E A U T Y | S C U L P T E D B E A U T Y*

House of GlamDolls & Freedom Sculpted Beauty Practical Makeup Course Reviewblogline


It’s a verrrrrrrry long one today I’m afraid but I promise it’s good and you will learn a lot!

I was offered the chance to attend a two hour course with David Horne and Chinyee Chu from the House of Glam Dolls as well as Freedom Makeup and jumped on it so I could come back and tell you all. Each course is usually £50. The classes are small (8 people) and personal so if you need one on one help you can get it. When you attend you also receive a GlamBag full of Freedom products to use during the class and then take home. For a limited time you also get £28 worth of Freedom makeup in addition so you basically get the price of the ticket redeemed in product.SculptedBeauty GlamBag

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B E A U T Y | N E W I N*

New In - My collection


Please expect the next blog posts on LuceLuxeLifestyle to be on the following:

– Sleek iDivine

– Arabian Nights


– Makeup Revolution Obsession Palettes

Wild is the Wind

– Pure Cult

Makeup Revolution Naked Underneath

– Eat Tokyo Restaurant Review

– Vladimir Nabokov – Lolita Book Review

I completely forgot to put the Naked Underneath palette out when I was taking the picture but I will definitely be reviewing it, don't worry! - I'll do these in random order and will hyperlink as and when I've completed them. I hope there's something there that you're looking forward to seeing.
Aloha, L!

S T Y L E | B R I T A W A R D F A V O U R I T E S*

Top Five Red Carpet Looks | The Brit Awards 2015

Last night at the Brits saw Kim K take selfies on stage while she was introducing Kanye, Take That make fools of themselves and Madonna take flight in spectacular fashion as she was dragged down a flight of stairs by her dancers during her ‘big return’ to the biggest music awards ceremony in the UK. The red carpet however was far more subdued than all of that. There really wasn’t much glitz and glam at the Brit awards so there wasn’t very much to choose from in terms of favourite fashions. There was no Margo Robbie, JLo or Zendaya but there were these guys. Let’s take a look at my personal top five.

1 | Paloma Faith

The most put together and polished look on the red carpet came from Paloma Faith. The combination of red hair, red lips, red nails and red dress worked so well together and you have to admire the winged liner and bold brows. Paloma looked absolutely glorious in Armani.  Continue reading

L O N D O N | W I N T E R W O N D E R L A N D*

A Trip to Winter Wonderland and Bavarian Village, London, Hyde Park - Samsung Nx1100


Last Friday I was unwillingly dragged to Winter Wonderland, something I was adamant I would not enjoy seen as I’m a big scrooge and I hate the cold. Alas, I got up, got ready and got myself down to Marble Arch tube to meet my friend Tasha. I figured if anything, it was an excuse to try out my camera seen as all it’s had the chance to do is take pictures of lipstick since I bought it.

First port of call was to buy some gloves though so we had a mooch over to Primark. – It was a bit pointless on my part though seen as I discovered about three seconds after taking the tags off that I couldn’t work the camera with ‘100% leather’ gloves on so my fingers were cold anyway.  Continue reading

T H E S O H O S E R I E S | E A S T S T R E E T*

The Soho Series - East Street


"Like the traders and adventurers before us, we've travelled all over East Asia to bring back our favourite dishes for you to try. We've recreated the flavours and aromas traditionally found at the eternally bustling street-markets of Bangkok and Hanoi, the hawker stalls of Singapore and the noodle vendors of Tokyo. And just like in kitchens across East Asia, we make our sauces and stocks here every day from the freshest market produce.

Our menu is composed from the best street food and signature dishes from across East Asia, faithful reproductions of classics free fromgimmickry and interpretation.

God this post is so long in coming. It’s been sitting here for nearly a year!!

So East Street is a pan-Asian ‘street food’ restaurant with a funky feel. I went a couple of times with my good friend Tasha and once with my boyfriend. They serve food from most Asian countries including the Philippians, China, Japan and Malaysia. A lot of the dishes are meat based as they would be traditionally. Great for some, but not for little ole pescetarian me. Dan me and my awkward eating habits. Continue reading

D I S C U S S I O N | I N T H E N E W S*

NEW Series - In the News

During the brief death of my laptop I got heavily into listening to the radio which I used to do every morning but was overtaken by YouTube videos. Vanessa Feltz has a fantastic show on BBC London 94.9 (9am-12pm) where she has great discussions with members of the public based around the news headlines of the day. Now, you can text, email, Facebook or call to give your opinion and I’d really love to call in as I’m finding that I have a whole lot to say when I listen. However, I’m a scardey cat and will probably get dry mouth live on air so I’m going to start a new ‘In the News’ series here so I can give my two cents.

I write this or course as I sit here listening to a lively bit of chat about how ethnic minorities do better in school because their parents encourage them more than white working class parents do and as a result it has pushed London GCSE grades up to high levels, by far outstripping those in any other region of the country. Now, I have a lot to say about that, but I’ll save it for another post!

I really hope that you guys will join in too as all opinions are welcome and help others learn.

H I S T O R Y | W W I – B R I T I S H W A R D I A R I E S*


WO95 - British Army War Diaries 1914-1922 @ TNA Kew Gardens


'The documents and other survivals of the past are dead to us until we ask them a question. - Benedetto Croce, 1917

Yesterday a really exciting opportunity arose to get involved in the largest digitisation project The National Archives (TNA) has ever undertaken. If you don’t enjoy history however I wouldn’t bother continuing on with this blog post….. Continue reading