B E A U T Y | G O O D I E B A G*

Makeup Revolution 2nd Birthday Goodie Bag blogline


A few weeks ago I attended the Makeup Revolution birthday party at Cafe de Paris in London (you can read about the fab night here). As we left we all handed in our little goodie bag coupons we had been drunkenly checking for throughout the night to make sure we hadn’t dropped it in amongst all of the boogieing. We were each handed a tote bag that said “I Helped Make the Revolution” printed on the side. That message was dotted all about the party and was a huge thank you to all of the bloggers and vloggers and press that helped Adam and the gang build the brand. It’s definitely something I’ll keep forever.

So, I didn’t open the goodie bag until the next day because a) I didn’t want to lose anything on the train and b) I was half asleep and I wanted to really appreciate what we were given.


So, inside the bag we got: Continue reading


H A U L | SU P E R D R U G*

Mini Superdrug Haul – February 2016


So I started taking the bus from uni instead of standing in the freezing cold waiting for a tram to the station and realised that the Superdrug that stocks Freedom was now on my bus route. I went in specifically to buy the Brow Pomade and ended up getting a few bits to make myself feel better about uni fees. I know, I know, logic. Spending money because you’re upset you have no money. I’ll be poor but I’ll have nice eyebrows. They might get me a job 😂 Haha.

Of course I went straight to Freedom’s display and was happy to see that my favourite Glycolic Glow Tonic was stocked there. I didn’t buy any but it was just good to know I could find it physically in a shop now when I run out. I was a bit bummed to see that the Lengthening Mascara wasn’t there. In fact, no mascaras were. There wasn’t even a space for them. I’ll just have to order that when I next go online. 

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H A I R C A R E | P A R T Y R E F R E S H*

Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo Party Refresh Review

party-refresh thumb


Refresh your hair with Herbal Essences Fresh Balance dry shampoo that 
contains a refreshing citrus fragrance and natural tapioca. Use 
in-between shampoos, to refresh your hair and your senses.

Travelling by train four days a week means I sped a lot of time in train stations and transport hubs. it also means that I buy random beauty bits just to pass time. It’s never anything expensive or over the top. iIt’s just that I’m now able to snap up bargains because I’m first in the shop in the morning and close to last out when I travel home. I’ve been waiting for dry shampoo’s to have some sort of reduction because £4 for a can of white mist is just not on!! On this occasion I bought one from Herbal Essences and another from Dove instead of my usual Colab London scent.

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H A I R C A R E | D G J H O N E Y D E W*

DGJ Organics Hair Juice Shampoo & Conditioner Review


The DGJ Organics range was originally developed by celebrity hairdresser 
and colourist Daniel Galvin Junior 10 years ago when there were no 
organic haircare products available. All products were rigorously salon 
tested and approved by Daniel and these very formulas are those still 
used today.

Our protein enriched shampoo and conditioner for frequent use self 
adjusts to individual hair and scalp requirements. Formulated with 
vitamins, honey, wheat protein and honeydew melon, it promotes strong 
hair and healthy scalp. Leaving your hair fresh and clean the organic 

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S K I N C A R E | L U S H – O X F O R D S T R E E T*

LUSH Oxford Street Overview - It’s just so LUSH!


I’ve always loved LUSH and the relaxed and slightly hippy environment that makes you feel super clean and natural. They ladies and gents in there always seem like such natural beauties and you can tell from talking to them just how much they love and adore LUSH products. (Plus, male employees have the softest looking beards. Weird to notice but mmmm, fuzzy :)). I once spent over an hour standing in LUSH with my friend Tasha and two LUSH employees discussing hair and skincare. It set us up in such a good mood for lunch and shopping afterwards. The two girls at the branch went above and beyond for us.

Anyway, this post is about something different… You’ve probably already seen it by now but this is the new LUSH store on Oxford Street, a mecca of natural, cruelty free beauty, skin and haircare. The pictures were taken on the second day of opening. – Yeaaaaaah… that just goes to show how long I hoard blog pictures ahaha.  Continue reading

H A I R | S U P E R C U T S – M I Z A N I*

L'Oreal Mizani Shampoo, Conditioner and Edge Taming Gel Review ft. Supercuts UK.


A couple of weeks ago Supercuts reached out to me and offered me the chance to review some new products to their online shop. I’m sure you’ve all seen Supercuts on the hughstreet and may even have had your hair done there but now they have an online store where you can purchase all of the great salon products that they use.

The products I was sent were the Supreme Oil Shampoo & Conditioner from the brand Mizani, which I’ve seen dotted around in ethnic hair shops. They’re usually behind or near to the counter as they’re marketed as a bit more premium. The products are cheaper by a pound or so on Supercuts.  Continue reading

B E A U T Y | L U S H – S E A S A L T S A V I O U R S*

LUSH Ocean Salt & BIG Review


I did a bad thing…. I skipped class to go shopping! Oh no!!!! I know! How terrible. But when university is right next to Oxford Stress sometimes you have to just duck out and have a little fun. – Oh and the gorgeous hairy dude in the thumbnail is on the front of this months LUSH catalogue. If you weren’t picking it up (FOR FREE) just to see what new stories and products are out, I’d get it for this LUSH looking man. 😉

Amongst many other places, myself and my friend Tasha ended up in LUSH. It’s one of those places that have such a ridiculous number of different scented things that it kinda gives you a headache but there is no way that you can leave and be unsatisfied. The service is always spectacular, especially at LUSH South Molton Street the staff talked to us for at least half an hour about everything. Numerous demos and general chats about the products, ingredients and scents. LUSH is always a complete experience. Continue reading