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LUSH Ocean Salt & BIG Review


I did a bad thing…. I skipped class to go shopping! Oh no!!!! I know! How terrible. But when university is right next to Oxford Stress sometimes you have to just duck out and have a little fun. – Oh and the gorgeous hairy dude in the thumbnail is on the front of this months LUSH catalogue. If you weren’t picking it up (FOR FREE) just to see what new stories and products are out, I’d get it for this LUSH looking man. 😉

Amongst many other places, myself and my friend Tasha ended up in LUSH. It’s one of those places that have such a ridiculous number of different scented things that it kinda gives you a headache but there is no way that you can leave and be unsatisfied. The service is always spectacular, especially at LUSH South Molton Street the staff talked to us for at least half an hour about everything. Numerous demos and general chats about the products, ingredients and scents. LUSH is always a complete experience. Continue reading


H A U L | T H E B O D Y S H O P C H R I S T M A S*

The Body Shop Glazed Apple Christmas Collection & Warming Mineral Mask Haul/ First Impressions


The O2 Priority Moment deals really get me every time I walk past The Body Shop. This time the deal is 40% off everything in store so I bobbed in and five minutes later I’d spent a week’s worth of food money on some glorious body bits! I had originally gone in to buy just the one thing, the Warming Mineral Mask (£10.00) but one of the new Christmas ranges, Glazed Apple, really got me! I know, I know, Haloween hasn’t even passed yet but if you smell this stuff!!!! If you’re a fan of apple flavoured sweets and candy (especially apple Maoam stripes) then you’ll love this, I promise. Continue reading

B E A U T Y | T H E O N E B L U S H S T I C K*

Makeup Revolution – The One Blush Stick Review w/ Swatches



‘Awesome Chucks of Our Finest Blusher in a Stick! Introducing the One Blush Stick, 4 Bold shades and 4 Matte Shades. Use strong and vibrant, or sheer. Designed for multiple use across Cheeks and Lips, use Dry for Hi-Intensity Colour or apply Wet for a smooth sheer finish.’

Now I must say that when I first started seeing these blush sticks advertised on MUR’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter I wasn’t too excited. From some of the swatches by bloggers, none of the colours seemed to look like they’d work for darker skin. Don’t get me wrong, the colours all looked great but as with a lot of brands, there isn’t anything for ‘us’, you know?

I was kind of surprised then when the package arrived with all eight of the blushes to try.

The shades are Pink, Matte Pink, Dream, Matte Dream, Rush, Matte Rush, Malibu & Matte Malibu. They’ve already been likened to both Nars Multiples and Charlotte Tilbury Beach Sticks. I’ve had my eye on the CT beach stick in Ibiza which I may or may not still buy just because…. But then again each beach stick is £30, each Multiple is also £30 and these are a steal at £5. Continue reading

I S A T D O W N T O B L O G T O D A Y*

I sat down to blog today and my laptop died. It just broke. 😦 – I’ll continue to hand write blog posts in case I can fix this or use another computer but there will be a fair few large gaps between posts.

It sucks, I had a really good one today! By the time my laptop is alive again or I get a new one, Halloween will be over and the posts won’t make much sense :(.

Fingers crossed for me.

See you soon!

L A U R E N *

B E A U T Y | L ‘ O R E A L – L I Y A ‘S N U D E*

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Privée Review & Swatches

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Privée LIYA'S NUDE THUMB.jpg

I’ve been searching and searching for about three years for a lipstick to replace a L’Oreal one that I’ve had literally since the day I first bought makeup. Unfortunately, the label on the bottom of my own tube rubbed off a long time ago so I had no idea what the shade name was or what collection it belonged to, all I knew was that it was  L’Oreal lipstick…..

That was until the Colour Riche Iconic collection was released with six (?) different shades, inspired by the ‘icons’ (Eva Longoria, Doutzen Kroes etc.). Every time I went to find this shade there was always a tester but the actual lipstick was sold out!! But I found it eventually. You know those days when you forget to bring the lipstick you’re wearing out with you in your bag and you use it as an excuse to buy a new lipstick…..? It was one of those days. ‘Oh no, I forgot to bring my lipstick… I just HAVE TO buy a new one’. So unnecessary but so necessary at the same time.

There are also accompanying nail shades which I really need to take a look at seen as this is a limited edition collection.

Continue reading