F E B R U A R Y F A V O U R I T E S*

February 2016 Favourite Products

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I haven’t done a favourites in a very long time but I was really loving these products so I’ve come to share. They’re all super affordable but really high quality. Enjoy xx Continue reading


F R A G R A N C E | F L O R A E X O T I C A*

Primark Flora Exotica Ea de Toilette Review


As I was waiting for a friend to try on some clothes in Primark I had a little sniff of the fragrances they had on offer. There were a couple that I liked the smell of but this one was just so summery I had to grab it. £6 is a fairly decent price for 50ml too. Continue reading

B E A U T Y | I N S T A G R A M W I S H L I S T*

Instagram Wishlist


Just a run down of five things that have popped up in my Instagram (@LaurenLondon94) feed over the last few weeks that have been flagged in my head as future purchases. The majority are skin care related as I’m trying my best to get my skin healthy again.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s new fragrance for M&S. I have a serious RHW girl crush and do tend to just buy any magazine she’s on the cover of or has an article in so why would her fragrance be any different? I don’t need any new fragrances but… it’s Rosie, so….. – 75ml is £28! What a steal. There’s also an oil diffuser and a a candle.



I’ve been a lover of the Body Shop Vitamin E Range since I tried the cleansing soap and the Aqua Boost Sorbet. Despite switching to predominantly cream makeup for he winter, my skin still looks a bit dry. I kinda want this as a ‘makeup sandwich’ to spray the face during moisturisation and then again on top of all of my makeup for a refreshing burst.




Again with the dry skin theme…. I saw this Hydro Boost Gel Cream and just thought ‘hallelujah’! I’m not sure if you can get it in the UK though. So far it looks like Amazon is the only UK stockist and it costs just under £30. I may have to find a UK alternative.





I’m not the only one that’s been seeing ‘B’ Beauty at Superdrug for around a year and a half and haven’t really looked twice.So when I saw the new B. Treated Blemish Gel which claims to dry out spots, I thought I’d better try it. I think I’m going to pop down to Superdrug Marble Arch to get some B. Beauty skin care products as it appears that everything is better than half price !


Last but not least, the new seductive Smoky Poppy Collection (Limited edition). The range consists of of course, the body butter, body scrub, shower gel, body lotion, massage oil, eua de toilette, and some bath bombs. I want to take a look at the body scrub soon as it looks like more of a cream as opposed to some of the gels that I already have. Of course I’ll either be using my 02 priority moments 50% off perk or some other kind of discount code.


Are there any things that you guys have seen on Instagram recently but you just need to try? Instagram is turning into one large shopping list for me. I'm still not sure if this isn't good or bad thing. Ha ha! Let me know in the comments.


B E A U T Y | F A V O U R I T E S 2 0 1 4*

2014 Beauty Favourites

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I’m not one for the whole ‘new year, new me’ thing but knowing me, I will be a ‘new year, new makeup’ type. So on that note, I’d better pay a bit of homage to my most loved products this year. Here are the things I’ve not been able to stop reaching for.

Fashion Fair Cream to Powderblogline

This is one I dug out of the foundation graveyard a while ago after I just could not find a foundation I liked for the winter. I think the only reason I stopped using this was because I didn’t have any brushes when I first bought it, only cheap disposable sponges. Now I’ve discovered flat top kabuki’s and have a couple of really good ones, I’m loving this product again and have hit pan. Whoop whoop!

Kiko Precision Lip Linerblogline Continue reading

F R A G R A N C E | L ‘ O C C I T A N E – M A G N O L I A & M Û R E*


L'Occitane Magnolia & Mûre Eau de Toilette


Again, the monthly magazine freebies have been really good this month and I’ve found another staple fragrance in Harper’s Bazaar that I’ll be adding to my collection at the next available opportunity.

A sensual blend of flower and fruit, the Magnolia & Mure Eau de Toilette allures with its shimmering, velvety scent. 

The prelude to this fragrance includes notes of magnolia, made with an essential oil from the Far East. The eau de toilette evolves with wild and musky blackberry notes, giving a tenderrness to the woody profile. 

Magnolia & Mure Eau de Toilette is part of our Grasse Collection, named after the city of Grasse in Provence. Located near the Mediterranean, the city became known as the "perfume capital of the world," by combining the cultivation of local flora with the trade of precious Eastern ingredients

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