B E A U T Y | G O O D I E B A G*

Makeup Revolution 2nd Birthday Goodie Bag blogline


A few weeks ago I attended the Makeup Revolution birthday party at Cafe de Paris in London (you can read about the fab night here). As we left we all handed in our little goodie bag coupons we had been drunkenly checking for throughout the night to make sure we hadn’t dropped it in amongst all of the boogieing. We were each handed a tote bag that said “I Helped Make the Revolution” printed on the side. That message was dotted all about the party and was a huge thank you to all of the bloggers and vloggers and press that helped Adam and the gang build the brand. It’s definitely something I’ll keep forever.

So, I didn’t open the goodie bag until the next day because a) I didn’t want to lose anything on the train and b) I was half asleep and I wanted to really appreciate what we were given.


So, inside the bag we got: Continue reading


B E A U T Y | F O R T U N E*

Makeup Revolution & British Beauty Blogger – Fortune Favours the Brave | £9.99


akeup revolution fortune favours the brave thmb.jpg

If you’re the kind of person that follows every beauty release then you’ll know that two weeks ago Makeup Revolution released a collaboration palette with Jane, the BritishBeautyBlogger. The palette is a complete labour of love which really shows in the overall quality.

I said I wasn’t going to be continuing the Makeup Revolution Monday series for a few weeks but today just happens to be MUR’s official birthday so I had to break that hiatus!! Here’s to many more years of drugstore domination! Keep giving us palettes as gorgeous as this and we’ll stay loyal forever!

Thirty shades of matte, glimmer and sheen combine in one golden palette for an every which-way smoky eye. From the lightest of brightening base colours to the darkest, most daring shades of navy, black and green and everything in between, Fortune is the most versatile, every-age, every-tone palette yet.
What you’ll find in Fortune Favours The Brave is light sheens and mattes, metallic bursts of colour heading through to the darkest shades of black, plum and navy. I (Jane) hope that it’s the kind of palette that you really feel you can sit down and experiment with and identify what shades really bring out your eye colour and compliment your tone.

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B E A U T Y | J O R D A N A*

Jordana Complete Cover 2-in-1 Concealer & Foundation – Golden Caramel | £4.95



The ultimate multitasker conceals dark spots, imperfections, dark circles and evens out skin tone for a flawless look
Flexible coverage – Full to maximum. Long wearing, water resistant & oil-free


A while ago I kept having suggestions on YouTube about the Jordana Complete cover foundation after I’d searched for “foundation for dark skin”. The reviews were all great but it wasn’t something I could find in the UK to purchase. Then I realised that Beauty Crowd stocked Jordana and were also having a 50% off sale so I bought a few things in my haul here, plus the Jordana foundation to try. Continue reading

B E A U T Y | K I K O C L I C S*

My Kiko Infinity Clics Collection 2016 Review w/Swatches



I went to Kiko yonks ago and added a few more colours to my Clics collection. My plan is to make a 24 pan neutral palette with my Clics. As much as I love colour, I’m not really a fan of some of the bright Infinity shadows, I think they’re a bit to gaudy but the neutrals are all gorgeous.

The shadows individually cost £5.90 but NEVER pay that much for them. They have sales every month so the price drops to £2.80. There are 48 Infinity shadows to choose from plus six Infinity Sparkle shadows so you’re not stuck for choice.

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20 F A C T S A BO U T ME*

20 Facts About Me


blog head facts about me thumb.jpg

I’m tidying my blog up a little and redesigning the look a bit so I’m removing a lot of old posts. A few of them are “award” posts where you say a few facts about yourself and then nominate others to do the same. I appreciate all of the nominations from people and the lovely comments I received. I didn’t really want to redesign each since they don’t get much traffic anyway and I haven’t even finished writing more current posts so I’m just consolidating my facts here. I hope you enjoy getting to know me :).

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B O O K S | A U D I B L E*

Amazon Audible Review – George R. R. Martin – A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms



“Before Tyrion Lannister and Podrick Payne there was Dunk and Egg. A young, naïve but courageous hedge knight, Ser Duncan the Tall towers above his rivals – in stature if not experience. Tagging along with him is his diminutive squire, a boy called Egg – whose true identity must be hidden from all he and Dunk encounter: for in reality he is Aegon Targaryen, and one day he will be king. Improbable heroes though they be, great destinies lie ahead for Dunk and Egg; as do powerful foes, royal intrigue, and outrageous exploits. A KNIGHT OF THE SEVEN KINGDOMS brings together for the first time the first three official prequel novellas to George R.R. Martin’s ongoing masterwork, A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE, set in an age when the Targaryen line still holds the Iron Throne, and the memory of the last dragon has not yet passed from living memory”.

bloglineI only ever buy paper copies of books so I can help keep bookshops open. I like to buy from independent bookshops where I can but if not then Amazon, Waterstones or Foyles will suffice. However, Amazon just kept hounding me about this free Audible book trial so I thought I’d see what there was I could listen to.

Ordinarily Audible is £7.99 per month for one audiobook or £14.99 for two. I find it funny that when you try to cancel they offer you half price membership for three months.

So anyway, my free trial. I went for A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (Song of Ice & Fire Prequel). Continue reading

M A K E U P R E V M O N D A Y | N E W T R A L S*

Makeup Revolution Monday – Newtrals v Neutrals Review w/Swatches | £6.99


makeup revolution newtrals thumb.jpg

New-Trals are the new NEUTRALS. Upgrade your new natural eye looks with the new generation of natural shades.

bloglineMy blog is going absolutely Makeup Revolution mad again which alway seems to happen around this time of the year! There are so many new products and new launches and new everything that my three post per week schedule can’t cope! My MUR posts wont stop, I have so much to get written up after the party last week, I’m just taking a break from palette madness and will resume in three/four weeks.  Makeup Revolution Monday has been getting very good responses and I’ve enjoyed trying something new each week. It’s helped me to rediscover some previous purchases. So for the final week of this “season”, I have an old launch that’s quite new to my collection. Newtrals v Neutrals, a pro palette full of mattes and shimmers in pinks, oranges and reds.

You can’t find a good red or orange anywhere on the highstreet or in the drugstore, can you? But having said that, you never really want to purchase them anyway, do you? What would you do with red and orange? I was so sceptical about what I’d actually use reds for but when the palette arrived my fears subsided. The more dominant colours really are neutral despite being uber pigmented. You can create all manner of warm daytime looks with this palette. And way I say pigmented, I mean pigmented. The matte formula really is something special. And, I know I’m not the only one that loves the smell of fresh powder products. It’s like that petrol smell. Gorgeous! Continue reading

B E A U T Y | B I R T H D A Y*

Makeup Revolution Celebrates Two Year Anniversary!



If you follow Makeup Revolution on social media or are a connected blogger then you’ll know that on Thursday it was Makeup Revolution’s second birthday party!  I know right! Two years! Two years since Iconic 1, 2 and 3. Two years since Salvation lip lacquers and metallic eye foils! Who knew the time would go so fast? To celebrate, Makeup Revolution and TAM Beauty hosted a fun filled night at Cafe de Paris in London, an old haunt from my uni days.

New Launches

makeuprevolution birthday new launch products 2016.png

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B E A U T Y | S T R O B E*

Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe Cream Review | £8.00



Do you want Radiant looking skin? The Makeup Revolution Strobe Cream can either be applied under the foundation to give yourself a glow or on top of foundation to highlight. A creamy formula that soaks into your skin quickly if applied before foundation or easily blendable for those highlighted areas. Give yourself a beautiful golden glow to your skin and a more radiant appearance.

bloglinemakeuprevolutionultrastrobecream4.jpgAs part of the new strobing range from Makeup Revolution they have released a brand new strobe cream! It comes in a sleek, flat black tube with a rose gold holographic label. It does the job with packaging and I like that it’s a squeezy tube.

The cream has a smooth consistency that isn’t too thick. It smells very pleasant, almost fruity but not quite. I’ve never used this kind of product before now so can’t make a comparison to others or know what a strobe cream is even supposed to look like. First thoughts, this is nice and I’m very intrigued. Continue reading